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Italian Genie Distributor

for GTH products,

Simo S.r.l. , provided

Caposele S.c.a.r.l.,

with a new Genie

GTH-5021 R rotating

telehandler to support

the complex drilling

and consolidation

of a water tunnel, in

southern Italy.


Rotating Telehandler Adds

Versatility on Tunnel Job


he new tunnel, named the Pavoncelli Bis, has

been designed to replace the original early 20th

century Pavoncelli Tunnel, that was closed fol-

lowing damage caused by an earthquake that affected

the Campania region surrounding Naples, in 1980.

Like the original construction, the new tunnel will

serve to capture spring water at its source in the moun-

tains of the region of Campania, before it is carried

further south, via the Sele-Calore and main Apulian

Aqueduct, to the 1.3 million inhabitants of the Puglia

region, where this spring water is key for their main

water supply.

Construction of the new tunnel commenced in 1985,

but was never finished. Since, Caposele has been com-

missioned to complete the project.

Caposele S.c.a.r.l. is consortium comprising Vianini

Lavori SpA., Ghella SpA. and Giuzio srl that was created

specifically to manage the complex construction project

of the “Pavoncelli Bis” water tunnel on the section of

Sele-Calore Aquaduct (leading to the Apullian Aqueduct).

The project design is being managed by Tecnic

Consulting Engineers SpA.

and Vianini Ingegneria SpA.

To adapt to challenging

job-site conditions, Caposele

needed a versatile machine

combining the power and the

ability to perform a wide

range of routine tasks, as well

as handling and transporting

heavy 2-ton (4,409 lb) pallets

of steel girders, piping, and

other heavy materials.

These had to be carried to

and from the storage yard

over extremely rough and in-

clined terrain to the tunnel


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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1