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It also needed a solution that could ma-

noeuvre well in restricted space, while provid-

ing sufficiently long outreach to performmain-

tenance tasks on scaffolding at height and to

efficiently access the steep, confined area sur-

rounding the narrow 3.4 m (11 ft 1 in) tunnel


For Caposele, the new GTH-5021 tele-

handler offered several key features that were

decisive in its purchase decision.

“When Simo recommended the rotating

GTH-5021 R, it certainly was sound advice.”

"Effectively, the GTH-5021 R tele-

handler combines several key benefits that

proved to be particularly well-suited to the


“Our operators rapidly mastered the

machine’s turret rotation thanks to its in-

tuitive joystick control, and its ability to

handle heavy work with or without deploy-

ing the outriggers has proved to be an ad-

vantage for work close up to the tunnel


says Massimo Secondulfo, Job-site Manager,


Offering a maximum 20.87 m (68 ft 5 in)

lifting height and maximum 18.2 m (59 ft 8 in)

outreach, the GTH-5021 R telehandler benefits

from a wide choice of easily interchangeable

attachments that are common to all six models of the

GTH telehandler range.

“We have been using a fixed hook on plate,

mechanical jib and man platform which have

enabled us to perform all the tasks we need with

just one machine,”

explains Mr. Secondulfo.

As work continues to progress at a good, steady pace,

Mr. Secondulfo concludes,

“In terms of safety, visibility from the cabin is

also excellent.

"We are fully satisfied with our new GTH-

5021 R that has continuously performed ex-

tremely efficiently and reliably despite the tough

conditions, even with temperatures in excess of

40° C (104° F) during the hot summer months

and with temperatures below 0° C (132° F) in


The Genie GTH R rotating


A key comment from customers is how remarkably sim-

ple and intuitive to operate. The three models in the

GTH range of rotating telehandlers offer the versatility

and challenges of job-sites that demand equipment with

long reaching and heavy lifting capabilities.

Intuitive controls make these telehandlers among

the simplest to operate on the market, in addition to

their ability to lift considerably heavy loads with or

without stabilizers, their rotating turret makes position-

ing extremely simple, fast and precise.

The three models of the Genie rotating telehandler

family offer lifting heights from 15.42 m (50 ft 7 in) to

20.87 m (68 ft), lifting capacities from 4.000 kg (8.817 lbs)

to 5.000 kg (11.022 lbs), and up to 2.000 kg (4.409 lbs)

or 2500 kg (5511 lbs) at maximum height.

Combining productivity with operator comfort, new

control features include an electrically controlled parking

brake, operated by an intuitive switch on the dashboard

for increased braking efficiency.

Excellent visibility from inside the cab provides op-

erators the wide field of vision they need.

An upgraded overload system makes the calibration

process much easier and faster.

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