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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1



Earthquake-proof shoring

solution for iconic structure

Not far from the Faliro bay in Athens, the Stavros Niarchos

Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) is being built based on a

design by leading architect, Renzo Piano.

Peri is supporting the construction of this extraordinary

project with a comprehensive formwork and scaffolding

solution. This includes continuous on-site supervision

along with a matching logistics concept for managing

the vast amount of materials. The Peri solution, devel-

oped in close cooperation of engineers from Greece and

Germany. This has made an important contribution in

ensuring that the very strict construction schedule has

been maintained, and the high architectural concrete

requirements could be fulfilled.

The architectural design followed the highest envi-

ronmental standards – among other things, through

emission-neutrality and the appropriate choice of


The highest possible architectural concrete quality,

as well as the temporary support of a 10,000 m² canopy

at a height of around 40 m above the ground, were the

biggest challenges regarding formwork and scaffolding

operations for the project.

High Quality Demands

The buildings of the National Library of Greece and the

Greek National Opera are located behind a man-made

hill in which the sloped roofs of the buildings form, as

it were, an extension of the incline.

The highest architectural concrete quality is required

for the numerous walls and columns of the structures.

All buildings are characterized by their distinctive geom-

etries, including inclined slabs at heights of up to 31 m.

Before construction started, concreting operations

were trialled on-site using the Peri VARIOWall Formwork.

This was necessary to determine the quality that could

be produced under the conditions found on the job-site,

to develop and ensure the technical procedures, as well

as to provide training for the personnel.

The surface quality, which was defined in this process

as the "reference surface", was agreed as the binding

standard for the works.

The formwork comprised VARIO elements with dou-

ble formlining skins. In order to eliminate impressions

of any kind, FinPly formlining sheets have been screwed

on from the rear.

The joint arrangement and position of the anchor

points were planned by Peri engineers in accordance

with the design specifications. In some areas, self-com-

pacting concrete has also been used; here, the formlining

joints have been additionally sealed with silicone and

taped to ensure the best-possible joint formation.

For the higher walls, the wall formwork is positioned

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