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on CB Climbing Platforms and FB Folding Platforms where

the brackets are lifted by crane to the next concreting


Through the use of a special anchoring system, the

construction team has achieved the required finish here.

All the walls, without special requirements for the visible

surfaces, have been quickly realized with the proven,

large-sized TRIO Panel Formwork.

For the, up to 6 m high, circular columns, the SRS

steel Column Formwork fulfils the requested surface


Under the slabs, which in part are inclined and up to

30 m high, load-bearing scaffolding, Peri UP Modular

Scaffolding and ST 100 Shoring Towers have been used

depending on the loads involved.

Earthquake-proof shoring solution

for a suspended roof

The entire structure of the Greek National Opera is cov-

ered by an additional 10,000 m² large canopy. This is

suspended about 12 m above the actual roof and some

40 m above ground level .

This additional roof is actually the central element

in order to achieve the planned target of emission


The construction consists of a prefabricated ferroce-

ment panel arrangement which is subsequently spliced

together with a mortar fill.

Solar modules supply the "green" energy to cover

part of the electricity requirements of the complex. The

shape of the canopy resembles a convex lens – the

cross-section tapering towards the edges.

Thirty very slender steel columns support the con-

struction and are arranged in a 15 m grid formation on

a steel frame.

Load transfer into the ground takes place via the

building´s supporting columns positioned below. Visually,

the columns seem to merge into the supporting structure

of the Greek National Opera.

A major challenge for this very extraordinary archi-

tecture and the special design of the roof was the erec-

tion of the required shoring solution during construction


In the process, the scaffolding has to assume a variety

of functions. On the one hand, it serves as a support for

the prefabricated ferrocement modules and simultane-

ously allow fine adjustment of these modules in their

final positions.

On the other, safe working

areas with easy access for the

required assembly work and

concreting operations had to

be created around 2 m under

the roof surface. Last but not

least, the temporary scaffold-

ing construction had to be


Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1


Formwork panels could

easily be placed in position

using a telescopic crane

as the structure gradually

grew out of the ground.

Contractors World International /Formwork