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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1


Careful Planning

The detailed planning developed by the Peri

engineers on the basis of the Peri UP

Modular Scaffold meets all requirements,

and the system can make full use of its

many advantages.

Through its consistent metric grid di-

mensions, Peri UP is extremely flexible in

all three dimensions. It can be optimally

adapted to suit both the complex forms as

well as accommodating the varying loads

– in the system, each leg is positioned to

exactly match the geometry and loads to

be transferred.

A further advantage for the construction operations:

due to the high rigidity of the ledger connections, large

units can be moved by crane.

The up to 40 m high Peri UP Stair Towers integrated

in the load-bearing system provide quick access to the

working areas at great heights.

The required working areas for the assembly opera-

tions under the canopy were created with UDI steel

decks which provide a gap-free surface throughout.

In all areas, end-to-end toe boards, guardrails and

integrated access provide maximum safety and thus ef-

ficient working activities.

For the fine adjustment of the prefabricated roof

module positions, Peri developed a special component

with which the panels can be moved quickly and

accurately in transverse and longitudinal directions by

up to 5 cm.

Due to the high risk of earthquakes in Athens, earth-

quake resistance also has to be ensured during the entire

construction phase.

Consequently, the Peri UP Shoring is positioned on

specially-designed floating supports that minimize the

movement of the scaffold construction in case of an


Logistical challenge

The size of the project and the tight construction sched-

ule created a very special logistic challenge regarding

the implementation.

For forming the immense wall surfaces within the

whole complex, large amounts of system formwork are

in use on the construction site at the same time – the

same applies to the huge quantities of shoring.

A Peri project manager has ensured here the neces-

sary communication and coordination as he supports

the site management in helping to maintain the strict

construction schedule.

An Iconic Building

The SNFCC will house the National Library of Greece as

well as the Greek National Opera. The whole complex,

which also features the Stavros Niarchos Park, covers an

area of almost 21 hectares.

Italian architect, Renzo Piano, was awarded the con-

tract after an evaluation procedure lasting more than a

year against competitors from around the world based

on his "vision, intellectual curiosity and a historical and

geographical understanding of the project’s location and


• cw

Vast amounts of scaffolding and shoring

required careful planning

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