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High Quality Concrete

All TheWay

The finished shell at the construction site "WA 3.2" for

100 condominiums is being created by the construction

firm S.Pöttinger GmbH &


as a monolithic concrete


For purposes of quality assurance, the entire con-

struction process is being supervised by the investor,

Terrafinanz, though an in-house project manager.

In order to meet the high quality requirements and

the tight schedule, almost all the concrete structures

were formed with formwork systems from Paschal.

As a regular customer of Paschal for the past thirty

years, with over 3,000 m² of its own Paschal formwork

systems, the site manager Alexander Marrero and the

foreman Thomas Greier are very much familiar with the

formwork from Paschal.

To create the concrete structures, foundations, col-

umns, walls and elevator shafts, the systems Modular/

GE, LOGO.3 and the column formwork Grip are used.

For forming the rounded walls of the enclosure of

the underground parking garage entrance and exit,

Pöttinger rented the Trapezoidal girder formwork TTR.

For concreting the 8 elevator shafts, the contractor

is using 3 sets of the LOGO.3 dismantling inside corner


Formwork Systems From Paschal

Since the large construction site on Hochäckerstrasse is

classified as a "B2 Construction Site", there are specific

requirements for the concrete work in terms of super-

vision (external inspection) and installing the


As the results of the concrete elements formed in

July 2015 demonstrate the component dimensions and

the concrete surfaces that have already been delivered

by the project manager on behalf of the client.

For purposes of fire protection, smooth smoke ex-

traction shafts were necessary from the underground

garage to above the roof.

For the sake of separation, the concrete shafts follow

along the exterior facade between two balcony


In order to dissipate the smoke quickly through the

roof in the case of a fire, the insides of the concrete

shafts have to be smoother than SB 3 exposed


Pöttinger met this with selected standard formwork

elements from the Paschal LOGO.3 system.

Formwork vibrators are used on the outside for com-

pacting the concrete, since the walls are only 12 to 16

cm thick.

Despite tremendous pressure in terms of deadlines

and quality standards, the contractor is progressing with

the refined shell with around 7,000 m³ of enclosed space

and 8,500 m³ of C 30/37 ready-mixed concrete in ac-

cordance with the agreements.

Next comes the construction phase WA 3.1 with 60

residential units, along with underground parking


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