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New Cat 325F For

Close-Quarters Work

Recently launched by


for North

America, Australia, New Zealand

markets, do not be surprised if

this model gets a

European, Middle

E a s t

a n d

Af r i can market s

launch at Bauma


The new mid-

size Cat 325F is

engineered to be a

durable, highly

efficient, compact radius excavator

built for all close-quarters work. It is a

replacement for the Cat 321D.

The machine features a powerful C4.4 ACERT U.S.

EPA Tier 4 Final engine that is very efficient on fuel paired

with an advanced, responsive hydraulic system

Compared with its Cat 321D Tier 3 predecessor, the

325F can run on biodiesel up to B20. Based on engineer-

ing validation, it will consume up to 22% less diesel fuel

than its predecessor, with no loss of swing torque and

bucket and stick forces.

With a maximum lifting capacity of 27, 000 pounds

(12,650 kg) at 15 ft (4.57 m) over the front at ground

level, the 325F exceeds the former model’s capacity by


It features proven electronic, fuel, air, and aftertreat-

ment components like a maintenance-free diesel par-

ticulate filter, and it has isochronous control that auto-

matically manages pump and engine speed for improved

fuel efficiency.

Versatility + Safety

The compact radius design makes this model ideal for

working confidently in space-restricted areas like road

jobs with lane closures and next to buildings or other


With a front swing radius of 7’8” (2.34 m) and a tail

swing radius of 5’8” (1.72 m), the machine can dig, swing,

and dump within a working space of 13’4” (4.06 m).

When rotated 90 degrees and working over the side,

just 5” (135 mm) of counterweight extends beyond the

track width, which allows trucks and jersey barriers to

be positioned closer to the machine.

The new model includes quick coupler lines and

circuit compatible with the new Cat Pin Grabber

coupler and can use form model


Using this coupler allows quick attachment

changes from the safety of the cab and increases

job site flexibility. The combination of a quick coupler,

versatile attachments, and a machine built specifically

as a tool carrier (with medium, high pressure, and quick

coupler lines and circuits) allows you to get the most

versatility from your machine.

Operator Comfort

The ROPS cab is both quiet and comfortable; it has vis-

cous mounts and special lining and sealing to reduce

vibration and sound.

A fully adjustable heated seat, adjustable armrests

and joystick consoles for maximum productivity, and an

automatic climate control system are fitted as standard.

The large LCD monitor is easy to navigate and is pro-

grammable in 44 languages. Plus there is abundant

storage and auxiliary power for added convenience along

with a new radio with auxiliary jack for an MP3 player.

Safety Aware

A handrail eases access to the top of the machine, and

anti-skid plating and countersunk bolts help reduce the

risk of slipping and tripping.

A large expanse of glass in the cab affords all-around

visibility, and enhanced job site safety results from the

new model’s four mirrors and standard rear-view camera


The machine also comes with a full-length firewall

to separate the pump and engine compartments. Plus

a red coloured, ground-level fuel cutoff switch to shut

down the engine in case of emergency can be easily

found and reached at the seat base.



Cat C4.4 ACERT

Net power, hp (kW)

161 (120)

Op. weight, lb. (kg)

57,115 (25,907)

Max. dig depth, ft. (mm)

22 (6,710)

Max. bucket, yd





2.08 (1.59)

Hyd. flow, gpm (L/min)

113 (428)

Relief pressure, psi (kPa)

5,076 (35,000)

Heavy lift, psi (kPa)

5,512 (38,000)

Drawbar pull, lb. (kN)

45,591 (203)

Track gauge, in. (mm)

94 (2,380)

Tail swing radius in. (mm)

68 (1,720)

Travel speed, mph (km/h)

3.5 (5.6)

What’s New In Plant & Equipment

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1