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Powered by a Tier IV-certified 74 hp (55.4 kW) Kubota

diesel engine, utilizing DPF technology, it can provide

195 ft.-lbs (265 Nm) of torque at 1400 Corp. Operating

in full-time 4-wheel drive with three steering modes;

2-Wheel, 4-Wheel, and crab Steering, the MT 625 can

adjust accordingly to adapt to the conditions of the


Users will appreciate the compact dimensions. Able

to fit in narrow entrance ways, the machine has an

overall compact-size with a width of only 5’11” (1.81 m),

machine height at 6’4” (1.92 m) and overall length of

12’9” (3.89 m). A tight turning of 10’10” (3.31 m) allows

it to manoeuvre well in confined areas.

The MT 625 features a quick-fit mounting system

that easily connects to a wide range of Manitou-tested


“The all-new MT 625 construction telescopic

handler has been introduced to our North

American market as a great fit for those looking

to pick, carry and place loads up to 19 feet as

well as provide multi-purpose capability in a

construction environment,”

says Lori Heidecker, Marketing Director, Americas.

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What’s New In Plant & Equipment

Liebherr’s L538 Wheel


• Highly versatile machine

• Increased productivity with Liebherr Electronics

• High fuel economy

World of Concrete participants got a close look at

the new L538 Wheel loader from Liebherr

Construction Equipment Co.

The L 538 on display featured a Z-bar linkage for

standard operations, achieves a tipping load straight

of 22,485 lb (10,199 kg) at an operating weight of

29,000 lb (13,154 kg) and is driven by a 154HP (l) /

115 kW. This loader is equipped with a 3.14 yd


(2.40 m


) quick hitch re-handling bucket with bolt

on cutting edge.

The wheel loader belongs to the new generation of

mid-size range loaders, most commonly referred as utility

size. These size loaders are highly versatile machines

suitable for a multitude of applications.

They can be used in a traditional capacity, to stockpile

or move earth/materials, or can be used to handle all

types of construction material through the use different


Increased productivity with

Liebherr Electronics

The implementation of energy efficiency technologies

such as the hydrostatic drive combined with the Liebherr

Power Efficiency system (LPE), optimizes the interaction

between drive components.

This system is able to adjust the performance and

power for every working situation, enhancing the effi-

ciency of the wheel loader and providing additional fuel

savings up to 25% according to Liebherr.

An additional contributing factor to fuel economy is

the configuration of the machine and the positioning of

its engine.

The engine is used as natural counterweight. The

center point of gravity of the drive line components is

behind the rear axle to avoid unnecessary additional

counterweight. Less operating weight has to be carried

around, therefore, less horse power is required.

Subsequently, less fuel is consumed.

The L538 wheel loader in operation, preparing and

maintaining stockpile areas for loading into trucks, crush-

ers, and/or plant hoppers.

New Bosch Breaker


Thenew Bosch BH2770VCD Brute Turbo breaker hammer

features good vibration control and a motor design that

delivers 23 percent more impact energy than the previ-

ous BRUTE. The Brute Turbo allows users to operate

more efficiently with less user fatigue.

Weighing only 63 pounds with EPTA impact energy

of 43 ft/lbs, the Brute Turbo excellent demolition per-

formance. Its power, compact size and durability com-

bined with enhanced features allow for comfortable,

extended use and increased jobsite efficiency.

The vibration control system includes a longer air

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1