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Industry Goes

Mad for Bauma


very 3 years, construction

equipment manufacturers start

to act like the White Rabbit in

Alice In Wonderland repeating "I'm late.

I'm late for a very important date" as they

work themselves up into a frenzy over Bauma. Will the equip-

ment be ready on time? How many hotel rooms do we need?

Do we have a press conference? etc. etc. etc.

This has been the case since the Bauma exhibitions started

in 1954 and how it has grown since those days. This year is

bigger than ever allowing for more exhibitors but will visitor

numbers hold up?

Since the early 1980s I have always stayed in the centre of

Munich but this time it is just not economically justifiable. The

hotel I usually use is today less than $75 per night. However,

during the week of the exhibition, that becomes $380 a night.

Restaurant prices are also noticeably higher.

Some people say this is simply market forces,others say that

it is racketeering. Whichever, many companies who normally

invite visitors from around the world are not offering the same

level of hospitality this time.

Several people have already told me that they will not be

going this time, simply because of the ridiculously high hotel

room rates.

I have chosen to stay at a country hotel some 45 minutes

drive away at $98 per night including breakfast and high-speed


The attendance at Bauma 2013 was close to 500,000 but I

am not confident that the attendance will reach that level. Entry

tickets are priced at Euro 32 at the door for one day of Euro 64

for a three day pass - an increase of about 10%. The catalogue

is another Euro 25

I always enjoy Bauma, even though it gets tough going trying

to cover a circular show ground that is over 1.5 km (1 mile) from

side to side. It is always big and this year it is even bigger. Some

of the stands are so large that they take over 6 months to erect

and dismantle. This is a huge commitment by companies and

no wonder things start to get a little frantic as deadline looms.

There will be regular reports on what is new in the next is-

sues starting with this one which is provided as a




Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1