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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1



auma always gives companies something to

shout about and CASE Construction Equipment

is no exception. They company is extending its

new generation D Series crawler excavator offering with

the introduction of five new models.

The CX130D, CX160D and CX180D fit in the medium

range, while the other new models take the D Series’

big performance to a new level: the CX490D adds ap-

proximately 1.5 t to its predecessor in the C Series,

bringing its weight very close to 50 t; at the top of the

range, the CX500D in Mass Excavation version delivers

a massive performance with an operating weight above

50 t.

The two heavy duty models, which replace the pre-

vious generation’s CX470C and CX470C ME, have been

renamed to reflect their increased weight. All the new

models feature CASE’s fuel-efficient Tier 4 Final (Euro

IV) maintenance-free technology with no DPF. The new

models promise to deliver higher productivity, more

comfort and safety levels and lower running costs than

the predecessor models.

Productivity Counts More and More

The new D Series crawler excavators share the proven

CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System of the existing new

generation models.

Case say that the improved D Series system takes con-

trollability and smooth operation to a new level. The

faster cycle times achieved with the new hydraulics and

the greater weight raise enhance the models’ produc-

tivity – especially in the top two that weigh in at more

than 25 t.

The new models deliver faster cycle times because

of the new electronically controlled hydraulic pumps

and larger main valve, which increase their productivity


The new pumps and bigger valve improve the ma-

chine’s responsiveness, resulting in cycle times up to

12% faster than the previous generation’s. In addition,

the new models deliver a greater lifting power.

Cost of Ownership Important

Operating costs of the new D Series models are remark-

ably low. The engine technology and new hydraulics

result in lower fuel consumption than the previous


All models comply with Tier 4 Final (Euro IV)

CASE extends D Series

crawler excavator range

5 newmodels