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Launched in North America towards the end of

2015, the latest Cat D6N dozer is almost certain to

feature in the Caterpillar line-up at Bauma 2016.

The new D6N has been designed to deliver great-

er ease of operation, a 10 to 15% boost in fuel effi-

ciency and up to 10% better productivity compared

to the previous model.

The D6N is the first dozer in its size class to offer

advanced GRADE technologies as standard equip-

ment. The D6N is powered by a Cat C7.1 ACERT

engine rated at 166 net horsepower (124 kW), and


The D6N meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage

IV/Korea Tier 4 emission standards.

Cat Connect Technology

Cat Connect GRADE technologies is fitted as standard

and helps the operator control the blade to get more

quality work done in less time.

Experienced operators can work more productively

and less experienced operators can achieve better quality

results more quickly. These smart features are integrated

right into the machine at the factory – no additional

hardware or software is required.

Cat Grade Control Slope Assist helps operators more

easily achieve the required mainfall and slope orientation

of the blade by automatically maintaining pre-estab-

lished blade angles for the grade. Field trial indicated

that the job is finished up to 39% faster, with up to 68%

better surface quality and using up to 82% less operator


Cat Stable Blade complements the operator’s

blade-control input for attaining higher quality finish

grades quicker and with less effort.

Cat Slope Indicate displays machine cross slope and

mainfall (fore/aft orientation) on the primary monitor,

helping operators work more accurately on slopes with

no special equipment required.

More Options to Further Enhance

Grade Control

For tackling more complex design plans, the D6N can be

equipped with optional technology features that allow

customers to choose features scaled to job-site needs

and budgets.

These GRADE technologies combine digital design

data, in-cab guidance, and automatic blade control,

resulting in enhanced grade accuracy, reduced rework,

and lower costs—whether the application is bulk

Cat D6N Dozer -

Leading The Way With

Technology For More


Operating Weight

39,943 lbs - 16,757 kg


Cat C7.1 ACERT 166 hp / 124


Maximum Forward Speed

6.1 mph / 9.8 km/h

Maximum Reverse Speed

7.6 mph / 12.2 km/h

Blade Capacity- LGP VPAT

5.1 yd³ - 3.9 m³

Blade Width: LGP VPAT

13.42 ft - 4,080 mm

Sound Levels:

Average Exterior Sound Pressure Level

– SAE J88:2006

85.5 db(A)

Sound Levels:

Dynamic Operator Sound Pressure Level

(LpA) – ISO 6396:2008

76.0 db(A)

Specifications are for guidance only and will vary according to

machine configurations and market location

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1


What’s New at Bauma 2016 Preview - 1