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What’s New at Bauma 2016 Preview - 1

Linden Comansa Develops LC2100

Flat-Top crane

The maximum load capacity of various mod-

els of the LC2100 series has been increased

The LC2100 series was mainly designed to operate in

industrial, mining, infrastructure and public works pro-

jects and is one of the most successful series from the

tower crane manufacturer, Linden Comansa.

Over the last few months, the R&D team of Linden

Comansa has worked to optimise various models of this

series, which are now available in the market.

• 18 to 20 tonnes

The 21LC335, 21LC550 and 21LC660 cranes with a max-

imum load capacity of 18 t have been optimised to load

up to 20 t.

This improvement is mainly due to the fact that the

trolley/hook assembly has been strengthened,

and the hoist cable has been modified to

the compact type with improved

mechanical characteristics.

• 24 to 25 tonnes

In the case of the 24-tonne 21LC550, the maximum load

capacity is increased to up to 25 t. In addition, the load

chart has been optimised.

Similar to the 18 t cranes, these improvements are

due to the fact that the 21LC550 now features a newer

and lighter trolley/hook assembly than the previous

model, and the hoist cable has been replaced

with a compact and more resistant


In addition,

the replacement of the

hoist cable in the 21LC550 25 t

has increased the drum capacity from

640 to 720 m in the standard 65 kW motor

and optional 110 kWmotor, and from 1,450

to 1,580 m in the optional 110 kW motor

with a high-capacity Lebus drum.

New 21LC450 20 t and 25 t from

Linden Comansa

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1