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What’s New at Bauma 2016 Preview - 1

New 21LC450 20t and 25t

When assessing the modifications to be implemented

in the 21LC400 18 t model, the R&D team of Linden

Comansa saw the opportunity to greatly improve this


The result is a new model, the 21LC450 crane with

20 and 25-te versions, versus the previous 12 and

18-tonne 21LC400 crane.

To achieve such an obvious improvement, not only

have the hoist cable and trolley/hook assembly been

modified, but the slewing part of the 21LC400 has also

been replaced (turntable, slewing ring and cat-head)

with a newly designed unit, which is common to the

slewing part of the 21LC550 25 t.

This means, not only is the crane strengthened, but

modularity and interchangeability of elements between

the new 21LC550 25t and 21LC450 are also facilitated.

In addition, most jib, counter-jib and tower sections

of the 21LC450 are identical to those of the 21LC400,

which allows companies that own both models to swap

sections as needed.

Increased Load Capacity

When compared with the 21LC400 18t, the 21LC450

20 t has a maximum load capacity of 2 t more than its

predecessor, also with an improved load chart.

For example, with its 50 m range, the 21LC450 can

load up to 10 t on the tip, while the maximum load ca-

pacity of the 21LC400 was less than 9 t.

The maximum load capacity is increased in the

21LC450 25 t by 7 t, when compared with the 21LC400.

This crane has a tip load capacity of 2,600 kg (2,860 kg

with PowerLift, which comes as standard) and can load

up to 25 t, up to a reach of 20.6 m and with a 40 m


The 21LC550 with a 12 t maximum load capacity has

also been retired from the catalogue, as currently Linden

Comansa offers better alternatives to the market.

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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1


Atlas Copco New FlexiROC

T20 R (Mk II)

Atlas Copco Surface and Exploration Drilling Division

has introduced a major upgrade to the FlexiROC T20R

that was introduced three years ago. Because of the

success of the former model, the major upgrade will

probably be on the Atlas Copco stand at Bauma 2016.

The company says that the Mark II model has been

redesigned from the ground up to introduce features

requested by customers.

As the Product Manager Marcus Leü says:

"In response to requests from our customers

around the world, upgrades have now been

made making the new FlexiROC T20 R the best

drill rig in its class of compact, radio remote

controlled drill rigs."

A great deal of effort has been put in to make good

use of the commonality between parts. This results in

the use of well proven technology and quality compo-

nents. For the customer this translates to a reliable drill

rig with maximized uptime.

A completely new rig control system that consists of

electrical and hydraulic components as well as the Radio

Remote Control (RRC) has been installed.

By using well proven technology from drill rigs such

as FlexiROC T25 R & T30 R, functionality and quality are


Other examples of upgrades are; new cylinder feed

(BMH 2000) in three different lengths, new reinforced

drill steel support, new hose routing with three bulk-

heads, new front facing feed holder and better service


More Power for Increased


The FlexiROC T20 R (MkII) has now been equipped with

the COP 1435 rock drill. It has almost 30% higher impact

energy and 30% higher rotation torque than the previous


With an impact power of 14 kW together with smooth

cylinder feed action, the drilling performance has in-

creased by up to 40%.

The Drill rig is for hole diameters of 38 - 64 mm in

trenching or foundation drilling and underground service

operations. It is powered by am 82 kW Cummins engine


A boom reach of 3,500 mm through a 90° radius

allows for more holes to be frilled with fewer set-ups.

The rig can perform 360° drilling in all directions giving

it exceptional versatility.

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