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What’s New at Bauma 2016 Preview - 1

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1


Alimak Hek Introduces The Latest In

Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Alimak Hek

will be introducing the latest generation of

mast climbing work platforms with the launch of the

new HEK MC 650 and HEK MC 450.

Both models will be demonstrated for the first time

at Bauma 2016. The HEK MC 450 is currently available

for order. The HEK MC 650 will be made available for

order at Bauma 2016.

These platforms provide a robust and flexible access

solution, while balancing performance, quality and effi-

ciency in all types of façade work.

The new HEK MC 650 and 450 work platforms con-

tinue to deliver on the company’s 45 years commitment

to quality, productivity and safety, offering an efficient

work platform solution at a competitive market price.

Both platforms are available in a single or twin con-

figuration, and offer adjustable platform lengths and

widths for ultimate flexibility on site.

The HEK MC 450 is capable of carrying loads up to

4,500 kg, and offers platforms lengths from 10-30 m.

The HEK MC 650 will support an even higher capacity,

with details yet to be announced.

The HEK MC 650 and 450 were designed with oper-

ator safety and usability in mind. The platforms’ robust

design and easy-to-use control system, combined with

their ability to position materials and personnel at pre-

cision heights.

Compatibility for Economic


Both the HEK MC 650 and MC 450 are compatible with

650 and 450 masts and accessories respectively, enabling

increased fleet owner utilization of existing construction

hoist, materials hoist and transport platforms


Platform components are hot-dip galvanized in

accordance with the latest international manufacturing


The key benefit of mast climbing work platforms is

quick installation and dismantle, minimal site interrup-

tion (compared to traditional scaffolding), and improved

efficiency in the loading and unloading of materials

ensures increased productivity and the resulting time

and cost savings.

Other New Models On Display

Bauma will also represent the first time for many people

to see the other latest introductions from the Alimak

Hek product range.

These include the

Scando 45/30 c

onstruction hoist

and the

Alimak TCL tower crane operator lift


The new hoist offers payload capacities of up to 2,000

kg per hoist car, with a cage

size of 1.4 x 3.0 m. The hoist

is available with either a

Direct-on-Line (DOL) or

Frequency Control (FC) mo-

tor system.

The crane lift has an in-

novative new design that

offer what Alimak Hek con-

sider to the faster external

installation currently avail-

able on the market.

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