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Rotary Drilling Rigs Bore

Piles For Cement Plant

Dua Fat Foundation is using four Liebherr rotary drilling

rigs to complete the foundations for a new cement plant

near Hanoi in an exceptionally short time-scale.

Four Liebherr LB series rotary drilling rigs, including

a recently delivered LB 36, are being used to prepare

the foundations on an equipment-intensive site for a

new cement plant in Ha Nam province, in Vietnam.

The rigs are being used by Dua Fat Foundation Joint

Stock Company, which has three LB 28 units on rental

agreements from other contractors, and has recently

purchased the LB 36 new via Liebherr-Singapore.

The cement plant is being built by Thanh Thang

Cement Corporation and is the company’s second plant

in Thanh Nghi, about 120 km from Hanoi.

The new plant will have 2.3 million tonnes per year

of cement production capacity, and is expected to be

operational by 2017.

Dua Fat was established in 2009 and the company’s

founder and chief executive, 38-year-old Le Duy Hu’ng,

says that initially Dua Fat had used two other brands of

rotary drilling rigs, but then used rented Liebherr rigs

on other projects and decided to invest in their first

Liebherr machine.

“Our business is still new and growing fast, and

we are building a reputation for high quality

foundation work.

“Purchasing a Liebherr rotary drill rig

demonstrates to our clients that quality and per-

formance are the basis of our service.”

says Mr Hu’ng.

Mr Hu’ng says the foundation work for the new plant

is on an extremely tight schedule, with only three months

allocated to bore a total of 1,805 piles.

“This is why we have moved so many rigs onto

the site. The soil is complex but is mostly

sediment with a high water table. We are drilling

down to the limestone layer, and the pile depths

vary from 25 m to 45 m.

“Because of the tight schedule we have to

drill three piles each day with each of the

Liebherr rigs. We estimate the four Liebherr rigs

will drill at least 40 % of the borings, and they

are working mainly on the deeper piles.”

Mr Hu’ng says that the pile diameter varies according

to the construction plan but the majority are of 1000


With the new cement plant required to be opera-

tional by 2017, Dua Fat is working 20 hours per day to

complete the foundations contract on time.

Second Largest Rig in Range

The LB 36 is the second largest rig in the Liebherr prod-

uct range, with a maximum torque of 410 kNm and

capacity to drill to depths of 88 m.

Designed for optimised drilling applications, all com-

mon drilling methods can be executed with the LB36

including, for example, Kelly drilling, continuous flight

auger drilling, drilling with partial or full displacement

tools, double rotary drilling and soil mixing.

A comparatively compact design allows the rig to be

transported to the site quickly with fast set-up times.

The Liebherr-Werk Nenzing Hanoi representative

office services the Liebherr rigs.

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