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One for Bauma 2016, the new EC60E crawler

excavator launched by

Volvo Construction

Equipment North America

is built to perform

on any jobsite — from confined spaces to

major construction projects.

Equipped with a Volvo Tier 4 final engine and

adjustable hydraulic flow, the machine offers

a 10% increase in swing force and lifting ca-

pacity, as well as a 20% increase in power —

all while boasting an 8% improvement in fuel

efficiency as compared to the prior series


With a compact design, heavy-duty

arm and offset boom, this versatile

and powerful excavator is suitable for

any application.

“The EC60E fits in a unique size class that

balances a compact footprint with impressive

power and spacious operator environment.

The machine’s exceptional lifting capacity,

coupled with its fuel-saving features and rede-

signed cab make it a powerful and efficient

choice for any job.”

said John Comrie, utility product manager at Volvo

Construction Equipment.

Complete control

The auxiliary hydraulic flows, electric dozer blade and

boom offset speed can be adjusted by the operator and

tailored to three different work response modes —

‘Active’, ‘Normal’ or ‘Soft’ — to suit the operator’s work

style and deliver the proper power for the task at hand.

The redesigned, proportional joystick provides better

grip and further increases ease of control.

Covered for life

The swing frame, the boom and the arm ends are all

made of cast iron, providing excellent stress distribution.

Hardened pins and bushings are designed to keep tight

pivot tolerances for minimum wear.

These robust design features ensure the machine is

ready to work year after year — backed by the Volvo

Lifetime Frame and Structure Warranty.

The boom, arm and frame of the EC60E are fully

covered under the warranty, ensuring Volvo or an au-

thorized dealer will repair or

replace boom,

arm and frame

components as

necessary during the

period of initial own-

ership or for the full

life of the equipment

—whichever is less.

Comfort and convenience

The EC60E features a new-generation Volvo cab that is

10% more spacious. The updated cab design allows for

more seat travel or seat recline, giving the operator more

freedom of movement.

Updated features, including a phone tray, two power

sockets, cup holder and three general storage spaces,

make the Volvo cab a more convenient working envi-

ronment than ever before.

The cab’s air conditioning is 10% more efficient com-

pared to previous models, with six adjustable vents that

allow for better airflow throughout the cab.

The high-capacity cooling system is driven by 43.3 kW

of power, allowing the EC60E to work in extreme


All-around visibility is improved by introducing thin-

ner pillars and a larger glazed area with bigger wiper

blades. The rear-view camera offers a clear view of the

jobsite on the interior 7-inch colour LCD display, ensuring

there are no blind spots even in the most confined work-

ing areas.

For easy, intuitive operation, the keypad groups to-

gether all controls with the LCD monitor on the right-

hand side.

The screen displays all machine information, allowing

easy access to machine functions. The hot keys allow

the operator to directly access pre-set functions for

added convenience.

The EC60E comes standard with Volvo CareTrack

telematics and Volvo MATRIS (Machine Tracking

Information System) software.