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What’s New at Bauma 2016 Preview - 1

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1


Sennebogen 870

E-Series with Green

hybrid energy


At bauma 2016, Sennebogen will intro-

duce the new 870 material handler

for demanding material handling

at ports, scrapyards, or for indus-

trial use.

The newly developed

product boasts a safe working

load of 8 t at a maximum reach

of up to 24 m, as well as the

innovative Green Hybrid energy

recovery system.

The Sennebogen 870 comes

with a powerful 261 kW diesel en-

gine complying with Tier 4f emis-

sion standards, including

automatic idle stop and

EcoMode. A 250-kW elec-

tr ic motor is also


With equipment lengths up to

25 m at a maximum safe working load of

8 t, the latest model in the current E-Series super-

sedes its predecessors with vastly increased


Save up to 30% in energy

through energy recovery

The innovative Green Hybrid energy recovery system is

the latest development and is fitted to both the

Sennebogen 875 and the new 870.

This system has been proven through initial customer

use across the globe.

An energy recovery cylinder mounted on the boom

in between the two hoist cylinders offsets the weight of

the boom, reducing energy costs up to 30%.

This additional hydraulic cylinder stores the energy

produced by lowering the boom in compressed gas cyl-

inders placed in the rear of the machine. This accumu-

lated energy is then provided during the next stroke.

Maximum comfort and

material overview

The new model offers operators a comfortable work

space with an ideal overview from the standard Maxcab

cab which can be elevated.

The largest Maxcab Industry cab with glass bottom

or the spacious Mastercab with training seat are available

as options.

All cabs offer the oper-

ator a pleasant workplace

wi th


air-conditioning and

high-precision joy-

stick control.

The new ma-

terial handler is

available with a new op-

tion: the newly devel-

oped Skylift cab ex-

tens i ons

allow access

from the ground and

views up to 15 m with ease.

The proven Sennebogen modular

concept offers an extensive range of

superstructure variants to meet cus-

tomer requirements.

From a mobile undercarriage with 4-point claw sup-

port to crawler and rail undercarriages, to gantry and

pylon solutions for special port applications, all can be

provided as custom solutions.

With gantry and pylon superstructures in particular,

the Sennebogen 870 achieves an outstanding viewing

height for use in material handling.

The custom modular system consisting of several

undercarriage variants, various equipment lengths, cabs

and cab extensions allows for more than 1,000 flexible

combinations – the right solution for any challenge.

Easy to maintain and easy

to use

In daily operations the latest model distinguishes itself

by its ease of maintenance and servicing. The walk-on

uppercarriage with continuous gallery ensures uncom-

plicated access to maintenance and service points.

A service/maintenance box in the uppercarriage

makes it easy to check and conveniently service the

entire machine with just a few actions.

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