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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1


What’s New at Bauma 2016 Preview - 1

A New


Is Born at Bauma

Building on 30 years of experience and commitment to

providing simple, robust and reliable products the

Haulotte Group introduces a brand new STAR 6 to join

the exisintg STAR 8 & 10

STAR 6 is designed for executing day-to-day work

tasks efficiently and safely in both indoor and outdoor

environments: industrial, maintenance & second-phase

building works, event industry applications.

Haulotte say that the STAR 6 offers the best working

height on the market at 5.80 m with 3.80 m for the plat-

form. In addition, it is adapted for work in both indoor

and outdoor environments (for indoor jobs, it can ac-

commodate 2 people). These features allow operators

to perform a greater number of tasks.

The new asynchronous motors deliver exceptional

torque. This means that operators have even greater

proportional control capabilities for precise, smooth and

incremental driving to access the most difficult areas.

The fast and responsive lifting and lowering move-

ments also offer high precision capabilities when ap-

proaching the work area. The result - greater


Largest Platform

Too often workers complain of the restricted working

space in work platforms. The inside platform width on

the new Haulotte has been increased to provide more

space for the workers. Ergonomics is improved with a

double entry-gate. For even more convenience, a plat-

form extension is available as an option , raising the

work height for greater comfort and productivity.

Both side easy forklifting

The chassis has been designed to permit the passage of

forks to lift STAR 6 along the width. In addition, this new

fork lifting feature allows the machines to be easily load-

ed and transported in a standard truck bed. This repre-

sents an added value for rental companies by reducing

transport time.

The chassis has also been redesigned to allow for

easy slinging and stowage of the new

Smart Features

The reverse caisson with the three-stage cylinders has

no chain and no cable. This means the operator benefits

from a rigid and safe machine requiring less


An anti-slip step has been integrated to provide great-

er security. while a walkable protection plinth provides

for safer access to the platform. Durability is enhanced

by robust tyres and only 5 flexible hoses.

With no brushes to change, no hydraulic drive and

less mechanical parts for the on-wheel axis, maintenance

is close to zero.

Direct access to control points means checks can be

performed more quickly. The tilt sensor is thus now

placed just under the platform, with direct vision and

a c -

cess inside the mast while 2 swing-out trays facilitate

inspection of the batteries and charger and the hydraulic


Haulotte ACTIV’Screen

The STAR 6 has incorporated the new on-board diagnos-

tic tool, Haulotte Activ’ screen, providing access to full

information on the cause of failure, the components to

check, their location, and the actions to be taken, making

troubleshooting easy.

This Haulotte ACTIV’Screen displays both general

information available for all users and information des-

tined for the technician accessible by an access code.

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