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Hitachi Zx140w-5 Excels

On Road Construction Project

A new

Hitachi ZX140W-5

wheeled excavator

has been

bought specifically for the 36

km E6 road construction pro-

ject by a local Norwegian

company. Skogen.

The company has been

engaged as a sub-contractor

by one of the project’s two

main contractors, Aurstad,

with responsibility for the 12

km section between Vinstra

and Sjoa (excluding the con-

crete structures and


The total project is worth 1.6 billion Norwegian krone

and it was the biggest contract in the country when it

started in early 2014.

The ZX140W-5 was delivered directly to the site in

April 2015 by Nasta - the authorised Hitachi construction

machinery dealer in Norway.

After buying its first Hitachi machine, a ZX140W-3

wheeled excavator in 2011, Skogen’s line-up now in-

cludes two ZX135US-5 and two ZX210LC-5 medium


“The current Hitachi model line-up is perfect for

our immediate requirements, both in terms of

capacity and flexibility.”

“As the machines are made in Japan, they

are reliable products and offer a high level of

performance. They are also user-friendly and the

hydraulics are really smooth. In addition, they

are excellent value for money, and offer a good

return on investment and high resale values.”

says owner Ola Skogen.

The ZX140W-5’s operator, Olav Kjaestad, has worked

with the company’s original ZX140W-3 and the latest

machine’s versatility is apparent by the range of jobs

that it covers.

“The ZX140W-5 does everything well, from

drainage work to levelling the ground, and from

digging trenches to backfilling gravel.

“It’s a first-class machine, with a comfort-

able cab. I like the ergonomic control panel, the

all-round visibility and the amount of legroom.

However, the highlight of this excavator is the

hydraulic system. It means that the machine is

really responsive, and allows me to operate in

a smooth and precise way.”

he says

The challenge for Skogen - and the local construction

industry - is to overcome the harsh weather conditions.

It is common for temperatures to

dip as low as -30°C in Vaga, and

the average temperature is usu-

ally between -20 °C and -25 °C in


The main issue for Norwegian

construction companies is that

smaller projects grind to a halt in

winter, but some of these can be

replaced with snow removal

work. The advantage of the larger

jobs, such as the E6, is that the

contractors can overcome the

Arctic conditions and can contin-

ue to work their fleet of Hitachi


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