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Rising To The

Challenge Of

Restoration Of

Ancient Art Treasure

In Florence

A HEK TPL 500 Transport Platform played a vital

role in transport of men and materials during the

restoration of the façade and the lantern at the

ancient Baptistery of San Giovanni in Florence,


With a lifting height of 24 meters, the trans-

port platform was used to transport people and

materials on nine different levels of the scaffolding cov-

ering the outer walls of the monument.

The restoration is financed by the Opera di Santa

Maria del Fiore. The project, which has a cost of approx-

imately two million Euros, will eliminate deposits of

pollutants and help consolidate the marble elements.

The Florence Baptistery is one of the most ancient

churches in the city.

HEK TPL Transport Platforms are specifically designed

for smaller construction projects with limited space and

where less payload capacity is required.

Payload capacities vary from 300 to 2,000 kg and the

machines are available in five different configurations.

Travelling at speeds up to 24 m/min , it is a convenient

tool on any job site.

For more information: Alimak He


Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1


Worldwide Panorama


New Marina Taking Shape

All the external walls to the marina installed and prelim-

inary installation of the floating mooring pontoons un-

derway. When completed, the marina will be able to

accommodate 700 boats with lengths of up to 9.5m

internally and provide external berthing for super yachts

up to 165m long with a 13,000 gross tonnage.

The external walls were formed by sinking cellular

pre cast concrete caissons , much the same as they did

with the Mulberry Harbours on D Day.

The caisson units are up to 50m long and they are

sunk in position on a dredged and prepared rock bed

before they are backfilled with granular material.

The caissons were constructed within the main har-

bour adjacent to the marina before being towed to their

final resting place.

AKS Ward are acting as the lead civil engineering

designer for this design and construct project with the

main elements of the work being designed by specialist


A number of wave studies were commissioned to

enable breakwaters to be designed to ensure that con-

ditions within the marina remain acceptable even under

1 in 200 year storm conditions. The construction of these

rock breakwaters is underway.

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