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Monitor Fleet Operations 
in Real Time

third generation Maintenance Management solution - MineCare 3Monitor Fleet Operations in Real Time

Modular Mining Systems, Inc., a global leader in the delivery of real-time mine management solutions for surface and underground mining operations, has released of its third generation Maintenance Management solution - MineCare 3.

MineCare solution provides mine personnel with the information and tools they need to monitor the health of their fleets in real time, allowing mines to proactively reduce component degradation and prevent catastrophic failures.

The MineCare 3 solution builds upon a field-proven foundation with new features, benefits, and capabilities to help

Some of the system’s many new features include:

The system’s advanced cloud computing, data monitoring, and analytics capabilities help resolve equipment issues quickly by predicting specific failure modes before they occur and enabling a condition-based maintenance approach.

Users can specify continuous or conditional data-monitoring options via dynamic, user-configurable dashboards, in support of specific maintenance management goals.

It then performs predictive trending for early detection of abnormal behaviour, rates of change, and parameters outside of normal operating ranges. These capabilities also minimize interruption to daily workflows and deploy application updates to multiple devices simultaneously.

The introduction of a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription configuration, eliminates costly IT infrastructure investments, improves data storage efficiency, and simplifies installation, upgrades, and management.

SaaS provides customers with the best total cost of ownership, requiring no capital expenditure investments and limited network communication requirements.

Furthermore, its high scalability allows mines to efficiently and cost-effectively monitor and manage a single machine, or thousands of units across an entire enterprise, from one centralized location.

Since the MineCare 3 solution eliminates the need for costly onsite server infrastructure, it provides additional benefits for small mines and quarries.

Contractors will also find this infrastructure elimination highly beneficial for the solution’s mobility, and the subscription-based aspect enables the system to be turned on and off and moved between sites with ease.

As with Modular’s other recent products, the MineCare 3 solution can deploy as a standalone application or it can integrate with Modular’s DISPATCH Fleet Management system (FMS) to provide even more value.

For further information:

Modular Mining Systems, Inc.

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