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What's New In Plant & Equipment

SmartGrade Dozer Now Available Across the USASmartGrade Dozer Now Available Across the USA

The latest dozer from John Deere opens up new opportunities for contractors in terms of productivity and operating efficiencies.

The John Deere 700K SmartGrade crawler dozer is improving jobsite accuracy and quality of work through its complete integration of the Topcon 3D-MC2 Grade Control System. The system, which is fully integrated into the machine cabin, structures, with its software delivers precise grading performance while eliminating vulnerable external masts and cables.

Because SmartGrade is integrated into the 130 hp 700K, it removes the need to install equipment daily, reducing setup time. Eliminating external cables to the masts reduces breakage, and the removal of the masts from the blade eliminates vulnerability to damage and theft.

The Auto SmartGrade feature allows the operator to easily adjust the system when moving the machine from one soil type to another.

Especially helpful to new operators, Auto SmartGrade automatically lifts the blade over heavy loads before track slippage occurs, then returns the blade to grade. It also limits the number of passes required, reducing the pace of wear on the undercarriage.

Machine dimensions are preloaded into the grade control monitor, reducing the time required to calibrate the dozer to about 30 minutes.

Since the 700K SmartGrade dozer is sold and supported by John Deere, customers can work through their dealer and John Deere Financial to finance their SmartGrade machine and Topcon base stations and rovers, helping to maintain cash flow.

The overall return on investment of the Topcon 3D-MC2 Grade Control System is proven in the after-market industry, and, according to John Deere, the 700K SmartGrade dozer can pay back system price in one to two jobs.

John Deere

New Standard for Vacuum LiftingNew Standard for Vacuum Lifting

Vacuworx claim to be setting a new standard in material handling with hydraulic-powered vacuum lifting systems.

Developed to meet customer requests for a cleaner, quieter lifter, the new hydraulic “H” models feature the same powerful performance of existing Vacuworx diesel-powered systems but with much lower operating costs.

These systems attach easily to excavators and backhoes with a dedicated auxiliary hammer circuit, with or without a coupler system.

Because the “H” models utilize the hydraulic system of the host machine, there are no fuel requirements, which saves time and reduces operating costs. In addition, hydraulic vacuum lifters have fewer moving parts, which means greater reliability and less maintenance.

Hydraulic operation provides improved start up performance in cold weather and eliminates the possibility of fuel freezing in extreme conditions. The hydraulic lifters also weigh less than diesel models, allowing further reach and greater total lift capacities.

The MC 5H lifter is designed for use with compact host vehicles such as wheel or track type loaders and excavators.

Ideal for utility applications, the MC 5H has a lift capacity of 11,000 lb (4,990 kg) and is suited for lower weight specifications and smaller material sizes.

The RC Series hydraulic vacuum lifting systems are designed to handle materials from 22,000 to 44,000 lb (9,980 to 19,958 kg) in conjunction with large-capacity host carriers.


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