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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 2

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Roger LindleyEditorial Comment

Are You ready For Tomorrow’s World?

This editorial comment is personally written by a real person but for how long? Technology is racing ahead at an alarming speed and, with each new innovation, only seems to add to is momentum.

The issue of Contractors World International features a section on ‘Connected Technology’ that looks at how contractors are using technology today and some possibilities for tomorrow.

This is in support of a special conference being organised by the German Association of Engineers - the VDI. The conference, taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany in May 2016 is titled: “Connected Off-Highway Machines 2016” ** with presentations from world leading companies such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, CNH, Volvo, John Deere, Ammann, and others.

Ever since Contractors World magazines were launched in September 2010, I have been promoting technology - and using it to redefine publishing for the digital age. I have often argued that, as good as technology is, until systems evolve enabling ‘cross-system’ communication, it will not be able to deliver its full potential.

History is scattered with the remnants of such conflicts going back to the beginning of the industrial revolution. Rail tracks used to have different gauges until common sense prevailed and an international standard was agreed opening up the world to rail traffic.

More recently there was the battle of video format - Betomax or VHS. Although Betomax delivered better quality and was the preferred format of professionals, the strength of the companies behind the VHS format eventually overcame all other systems.

Until two years ago, every portable device had its own dedicated charger. Today, one size fits all and, as the feature illustrates, this is now beginning to happen within the construction industry.

It is not yet perfect, but tomorrow it will be.

Roger Lindley

Roger Lindley



** Use this email link to request more information and get special discount.







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