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option and quickly realised this was a much

better alternative for this project.”

The Kijlstra tank, from the company’s Vario range, is

a simple cube measuring 3 m x 3 m x 3 m with openings

for pipework and a level sensor to indicate when the

tank needs emptying.

The one potential disadvantage, compared with the

GRP tank, was that a mobile crane was required to lift

the concrete tank, which was installed in one piece.

LCM having dug the excavation and levelled the bot-

tom with sand, it was then just a simple matter of

trucking the tank in and lifting it into position. The tank

was in position within an hour of it arriving on site and

then back-filling the excavation took place,

The excavation was dug, the tank installed and the

hole back-filled all within 36 hours. Had a plastic tank

been installed, the task of assembling formwork and

reinforcement, plus the time taken for the concrete to

cure, would have resulted in the excavation remaining

open for several days - or even weeks.

The rapid installation of the tank impressed both

LCM and Biffa, with the result that David Scott is hopeful

of repeating the exercise for the same client on other


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