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South Africa



on Kusile

Power Plant



lthough it is one of Africa’s largest economies,

South Africa is struggling with energy


The construction of two new power plants within

the country aims to remedy this situation and to stabilize

the power supply in the long term.

The Kusile power station project, which is located

near the existing Kendal power station, in the Nkangala

district of Mpumalanga, will comprise six units, each

rated at an 800 MW installed capacity for a total capacity

of 4,800 MW. Once completed, Kusile will be the

fourth-largest coal-fired power station in the world.

The Kusile project includes a power station precinct,

power station buildings, administrative buildings (control

buildings and buildings for medical and security

purposes), roads and a high-voltage yard.

The associated infrastructure will include a coal stock-

yard, coal and ash conveyors, water-supply pipelines,

temporary electricity supply during construction, water

and wastewater treatment facilities, ash disposal sys-

tems, a railway line, limestone offloading facilities, access

roads (including haul roads) and dams for water storage,

as well as a railway siding and/or a Railway line for the

transportation of the limestone supply.

The power station will be the first in South Africa to

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