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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 2



Villages Connected To Mains Sewage Treatment

Mains sewage treatment is being brought to

three villages in Slovenia for the first time

with the help of a packaged treatment plant

manufactured in the UK.

Hampshire-based, WPL, has been selected

to produce the custom-made plant for the

villages of Zdenska Vas, Mala Vas and Cesta

in an EU-funded project.

Three High Performance Aerated Filter

(HiPAF) units operating as a single treatment

system at Zdenska Vas will be connected to a

new mains sewerage system, ending the re-

liance of the villagers on septic tanks.

Central European Sales Manager Frantisek

Mikulinec of WPL said:

“In countries such as Slovenia and the Czech

Republic there are thousands of small remote

villages and many are not connected to a

sewerage system. In small villages you can have

very big fluctuation in flows throughout the day

when people go to work. Also temperatures in

winter can fall to as low as -15



“The advantage of the HiPAF is that it can

accommodate fluctuations in flow and temper-

ature variations because submerged aerated

filter (SAF) systems like the HiPAF adapt to load-

ing changes more quickly than activated sludge

flocs. Intensive nitrification can occur even when

the temperature is low due to biofilm


European funding

Approximately 70 per cent of the funding for the project

comes from the European Union Cohesion Fund – which

supports infrastructure projects. A further 30 per cent

comes from the local government, which appoints the

designer for the new sewerage systems.

Work on the Zdenska Vas and Mala Vas projects has

been completed with work in Cesta expected to take

place in early March 2016.


United Kingdom

Avant compact loaders for Diggerland

Avant Tecno (UK) has received an order for 20 of its

model 520 models from Kent based adventure park

company Diggerland - the famous theme parks giving

an opportunity for children to experience construction


Once modified for safety reasons, four of the ma-

chines will be delivered to each Diggerland location

around the UK, including a new site in Evesham due to

open in July this year.

The Avant machine was first discovered by the

manager of Diggerland’s Devon base who purchased

one for his own use. Mr. Edeleanu saw how easy it was

to operate and decided to trial one in the business.

Diggerland has now created a new attraction using

the Avant machines called ‘StackAttack’ which requires

the operator to stack as many tyres as possible in five

minutes using an hydraulic grab attachment.

Avant Techno

Worldwide Panorama