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Contractors World International Vol 7 No 2



Fassi Truck Loader Just The Job

A new Fassi F990RA crane used by TM Reymond SA

proves itself for agility and power within the confined

locations of the cantons.

The company’s Fassi F990RA.2.28

xhe-dynamic with L616 jib, is fitted to a

MAN TGS 35.440 8x2 equipped with

Hydrodrive hydraulic transmission on the

front axle and fourth steering axle.

This is a selection that leaves no room

for doubt: Jean-Luc Reymond’s objective

is not only versatility but power from this

combination which is also the flagship of

his small but highly efficient fleet.

The crane configuration chosen extends

the hydraulic outreach by up to 32 metres.

Other features include: lifting capacity of

up to 80 t, maximum hydraulic outreach

of up to 32.00 metres with jib (normal

20.15 m) and a weight of 10,100 kg

(8,570 kg without jib).

The crane is working in a cramped site on the out-

skirts of Lausanne. The road is narrow and there is only

limited room for deploying stabilisers on the right hand


Building The World’s Largest Fusion

Energy Facility

Six Potain tower cranes are being used

during building of one of the world’s

largest experimental nuclear fusion

reactors in the South of France.

Built from stainless steel sections

which have thicknesses ranging from

50 mm to 250 mm, the ITER fusion

reactor will house the systems neces-

sary for the operation of the ITER

Tokamak device.

The Tokamak complex is where the

nuclear power will be generated. It

consists of a seven-story concrete

building measuring 120 m long and

80 m wide. There will be 16,000 t of

rebar, 150,000 m³ of concrete and 7,500 t of steel in the


The six Potain cranes working on the €300 million

project include two topless tower cranes, an MDT 308

and an MDT 368 and four traditional top-slewing tower

cranes, the MD 610 M40, MD 485 B, MD 560 B and the

MD 175.

The cranes were supplied new to Dodin Campenon

Bernard, a subsidiary of contracting giant Vinci

Construction, which is managing all lifting work on site.

Overall construction management is being handled by

the VFR Group, a consortiummade up of Vinci, Ferrovial

and Razel Bec.

Laurent Moustraire, plant manager at Dodin

Campenon Bernard, said the cranes are handling a suc-

cession of difficult lifts as components for the Tokamak

are joined together.

“For this extremely important job we needed to

be certain that we were working with a

professional and reliable crane provider.

“Manitowoc was chosen because the team

in charge of this specific project has been with

us since the beginning of the tender. They fully

understood the scope of what needs to be done

and the constraints involved.”

Manitowoc Cranes

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