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New Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal Takes Off - page 2 of 6

Tower cranes and telescopic access platforms are used to handle formwork, steel and glazing panels on the Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal

Tower cranes and telescopic access platforms are used to handle formwork, steel and glazing panels on the Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal

The building comprises a reinforced concrete podium and multi-level basement with 69,000 tonnes of superstructure steelwork forming the large span roof structure over the central space and piers.

The project is currently in construction with more than 18,000 workers, 42 tower cranes and 35 mobile cranes on site, working to meet the opening date in July 2017.

Since the first buttress was put into place in October 2013, the erection of the main roof arches has followed, with the largest some 50 m tall.

Now out of the ground, the project is becoming a new landmark, clearly visible from the main Abu Dhabi to Dubai motorway. Installation of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing services has now started. Arup is currently providing construction advice services together with a team on site.

The Midfield Terminal Complex is designed to achieve a minimum Two Pearl Rating, following the Urban Planning Council’s Estidama approach towards sustainable design. The project will minimize its impact on the environment, making use of innovative and cutting edge design elements, such as high performance angled glass to reduce heat and increase air-conditioning efficiencies.

In the 700,000 m² terminal building passenger facilities and duty-free retail will include high-end commercial offerings across more than 18,000 m², including internationally renowned luxury goods and designer outlets, and almost 10,000 m² of international restaurants and cafes, offering a wide range of styles and cuisines. Passenger facilities will also include over 27,500 m² of airline hospitality lounges, a transit hotel and a heritage and culture museum.

Total terminal building area is 702,000 m² comprising 84,000 tons structural steel works. Roof cladding exceeds 225,000 m² and 200,000 m² of facade cladding and 300,000 m² of suspended ceiling.

The main contractor is Tav Construction together with China Consolidated Contractors International Co. (CCC).


Concrete Works Using Latest Formwork Solutions

Two world-leading formwork companies are involved in various key aspects of the project - Peri Hong Kong and RMD Kwikform.

Engineers from RMD Kwikform used specialist 3D modelling techniques to design complex formwork and shoring solutions to support the delivery of the new Abu Dhabi International Midfield Airport terminal.

Commissioned by the Abu Dhabi government, the new $2.94bn terminal, the TAV, CCC and Arabtec joint venture (TCAJV), is bringing the iconic architectural vision to life. This required numerous shoring, propping and formwork solutions to accommodate the complex design and geometry of key parts of the structure.

One of the most difficult design challenges was the formation of the main terminal building with its huge curved roof structure. This required the careful installation of some of the world’s largest steel archways and girders, to create the impressive visual impact of this important part of the project.

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