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Champlain Bridge Advances


One of the largest infrastructure projects in North America, due for completion in 2019.One of the largest infrastructure projects in North America, due for completion in 2019.

The Champlain Bridge Corridor Project highlights Arup’s use of global expertise to bring an innovative approach to the procurement of a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project in Canada.

Since 2012, Arup has been providing expert technical advice to the Government of Canada to facilitate the replacement of the 3.4 km-long Champlain Bridge over the St Lawrence River and Seaway and 4 km of congested urban highway. It is one of the busiest corridors in Canada and hence is vital to both the local and national economy.

When the condition of the existing bridge deteriorated in the fall 2013, Arup accepted the challenge of developing the design and technical requirement for this complex $4.239bn (CDN) PPP project so that the RFQ and RFP could be released within nine months.

The challenge was compounded by the objective to deliver a high quality architectural solution, whilst achieving a bridge with a 125-year design life.

The curved alignment and sculptural piers create an instantly recognisable shore-to-shore design with the elegant main tower and its harp of cables adding a unique accent to the bridge.

The design accommodates future public transport plans by retaining the flexibility to run buses or a light rail train on a central transit corridor.

The total length of the bridge is 3.4 kilometres and will comprise 60,000 metric tons of steel, 1.3 million bolts and over 250 m³ of concrete.

The design lifespan is 125 years and is due for delivery in December 2018.

Building any bridge is a highly complex undertaking. Given the very tight deadline, the contractor, Signature on the Saint-Laurent , has opted to work on several aspects at the same time.

The contractors, therefore, built three large temporary jetties to enable work on various sections simultaneously to meet the delivery on time.

This strategy enables the contractors to maximize on-site prefabrication and pre-assembly of concrete and steel parts as well as their subsequent assembly completion.

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