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New From ABI and Delmag

New From ABI and Delmag

The ABI Group today comprises ABI, Banut and Delmag and used Bauma to introduce new products from ABI and Delmag.

The ABI MOBILRAM TM 11/14 SL with extra compact tail on the carrier SR 25T is one of the smaller machines in the ABI product range. The new generation of leader masts was represented by two telescopic leader masts, the TM 17 and the largest machine of the current model range the TM 22.

The small telescopic leader mast TM 11/14 SL and TM 17 were shown with variable vibrators of the VV series. The TM 22 was configured with soil mixing equipment.

The new model is powered by a Scania engine delivering 257 kW. The engine complies with the current emission standard EU Level IV or US EPA Tier 4final.

The transport weight is less than 40 tons and the transport height is just 3.20 meters. Due to the new compact counterweight the TM 11/14 SL also has a very small tail radius of three meters. An extremely short tail provides for better manoeuvrability in restricted areas.

Compact, light and powerful machines are especially needed for redevelopment and smaller urban construction sites. Two of the smaller models of the proven ABI MOBILRAM-System meet those demands, the TM 11/14 SL and the TM 13/16 SL.

The telescopic leader masts TM 17, TM 20 and TM 22 are part of the new generation of leader masts, that is also called ‘mast in mast’ generation. Due to the high prestressing and pulling forces in conjunction with the high power of the carrier, this design provides versatility in special civil engineering.

The latest model, the TM 17, has a stroke of approximately 18 m and a torque absorption of up to 150 kNm. The maximum load capacity is 11,000 kg in a working area of 360° around the machine at minimum reach.

Mounted on the carrier SR 35T E series. The CAT engine delivers an output of 470 kW and meets the current exhaust emission regulations EU Level IV or US EPA Tier 4final.

At the Bauma 2016, ABI presented the new Delmag drill rig RH 30.New Rig from Delmag

At the Bauma 2016, ABI presented the new Delmag drill rig RH 30. The RH 30 is the follow-up model of the RH 28.

The drill rig is mounted on ABI‘s own T82D carrier and has a longer stroke of rotary head, a stronger Kelly winch, a larger drilling axis and a more powerful diesel engine.

The machine is equipped with a Scania engine rated at 368 kW and meets the exhaust emission regulations for Europe EU Level IV or US EPA Tier 4final.

The high torque of the rotary head is transferred to a Kelly bar with an outside diameter of 419 mm.

The Kelly bar is part of the new Kelly bar series with the designation KS and can be delivered in a sound absorbing variant as well. The standard Kelly bar will be the KS419/3-27 for drilling depths of up to 27 m.

The standard leader mast foot can be exchanged for a short leader mast foot to enable the drilling of larger soil auger diameters.

ABI Group

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