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What's New At Bauma 2016

The new Brokk 280The new Brokk 280

Bauma saw Brokk introduce their latest innovation - the Brokk 280 demolition robot. The new robot features more power, the all-new Brokk SmartPower electrical system, and a new rugged design with a combination of good looks and durability for tough environments.

Featuring a reach of 6.2 meters and a weight of 3,150 kg, the Brokk 280 enters the upper mid-range of Brokk’s extensive line-up of demolition robots.

The latest model features 20% increased demolition performance over its predecessor in the segment. The machine delivers both a harder punch with each blow of the breaker and more blows per minute. And all this comes without sacrificing any of the compactness and flexibility of Brokk.

The Brokk 280 carries all the same attachments as its predecessor, the Brokk 260.

Brokk SmartPower

Brokk also introduces an all-new electrical system – Brokk SmartPower. The new intelligent system optimizes performance of the machine based on factors such as the quality of the power supply, the environment and more.

The system makes it possible to run the machine on lower quality power supply.

Brokk AB

Synchronised Lifting Systems from EnerpacSynchronised Lifting Systems from Enerpac

Lifting and bolting tools specialist, Enerpac, extended its portfolio of synchronised lifting systems at Bauma 2016.

Unveiling the company’s strategy on synchronised lifting, Jeroen Naalden, global director, Enerpac Integrated Solutions, said,

Synchronised lifting is a natural development of our expertise in hydraulics and control systems. With the EVOB-System added to EVO-Series and SHAS Automated SyncHoist System we’re now offering a range of multi-point lifting solutions unmatched in the industry.

Enerpac’s multi-point lifting systems range from simple mechanical controlled hand-operated portable lifting cylinder and SFP-Series Split Flow Pumps with up to six flow outlets, to computer controlled EVO-Series synchronous lifting systems, EJU-Series Jack-ups and SHAS-Series SyncHoist.

At Bauma, Enerpac also exhibited its latest addition to the JS-Series jack-ups, the JS250 with a lifting capacity of 250 tons per lifting tower, up to 20m tower height.

New Bolting Tool – First Electric Torque Wrench

In addition to the pneumatic PTW-Series torque wrenches, Enerpac exhibited its first electric torque wrench the ETW-Series.

These smart, controlled bolting tools provide high speed continuous rotation for continuous torque output up to 8135 Nm. The ETW-series features a low-friction planetary gearbox design, and 7-inch touchscreen for simpler easy tool operation.


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