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Roger LindleyEditorial Comment

Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Any Bigger!

The biggest show on earth for the construction industry is over for another three years and, as spectacular as it is, it may be coming just a little too big.

Not only did this year set a record for the number of exhibitors and square metres of display area but it also attracted close to 600,000 people.

On the first day, the sun shone, so the many thousands flocked to the outside areas making it almost impossible to move at times. The area around the massive Liebherr stand became gridlocked every time they decided to entertain the masses by starting up the company’s largest mining truck and loading shovel.

The second day saw a dramatic change, with heavy rain forcing people into the many cavernous halls much to the delight of those companies with an indoor display area. However, here again gridlock prevails when companies such as Caterpillar started up their ear-shattering visual display presentation.

The brave ventured to the comparatively less crowded areas outside.

In some places, the cacophony of sound, as one stand tried to out do another, was a little too much to bear. I felt sorry for the stand workers on adjacent stands where there was no escaping the incessant noise.

For regular visitors, the event is akin to the local shopping centre as every stand is in the same location and to the same size. Such is the demand for space from existing exhibitors wanting a larger stand and new companies wanting to participate that companies have little choice than to keep their position.

This makes them relatively easy to find. However, if a company is lucky enough to get space for the first time (usually as a result of a company closing down or being taken over), trying to locate them is mind boggling. At times, one’s sense of direction gets lost and you find yourself wandering around.

And, if you happen to be going in the wrong direction you can find yourself as much as 2 km away from where you want to be! For those too exhausted to fight their way back, there is the option of free bicycle-rickshaws and a train taking people around but to take one of these required a lot of patience as progress was incredible slow.

‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to Bauma

As much as I enjoy visiting the Bauma event, having been at everyone since 1981, this was probably my last time visiting in a professional capacity.

Unfortunately it is getting just a little too much for my aging bones to manage. . . .but I could still be tempted back for the experience, which is unmatched.

Until then “Auf Wiedersehen”.

Roger Lindley

Roger Lindley



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