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horizontal and vertical axes, the construction of the

terminal building relies on millimetre accuracy to install

each specially fabricated segment, which forms the

arches and a central girder.

As part of the construction planning process, RMD

Kwikform engineers worked with steel roof sub-contrac-

tor, China State Construction Eng Corporation (CSCEC),

to design bespoke components and solutions using 3D

modelling for the phased erection of the arches.

This process included the design of a modular

Megashor heavy-duty support system for the erection

of the steel arches. This was coupled with additional

shoring solutions for the steel buttresses and transfer

slab that formed the foundations for the arches.

With a need to support the arches in both the vertical

and horizontal planes, a critical component of the solu-

tion was the design of a special ball joint, with an addi-

tional jacking frame system. In order to ensure the frame

was able to cope with the key loading forces and change-

able climatic conditions, including high wind and heat,

the engineering teams used the latest modelling tech-

nology before components were then fabricated and


Commenting on the support solution, RMD Kwikform

UAE General Manager, Chris Jardine said:

“Loading and stresses on the formwork and

shoring were different for every single node

point; we had to take a 3D model to form a

solution that could operate safely and securely.

“As the contractor wanted to be able to use

the frames multiple times, our solution had to

be flexible enough to cope with the adjustments

required at different parts of the erection


In addition to designing the jacking frames, RMD

Kwikform designed and supplied the support towers,

which varied in height from 15 to 45 metres.

Using its Megashor propping system, the formwork

engineers had to vary the footprint of the towers to

increase or reduce stiffness, to both optimise sharing of

the load and cope with thermal movements (due to

temperature variance from day to night) of wind forces

Extremely high shoring towers that could be

easily relocated was one of the engineering

challenges for RMD Kwikform

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