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two levels.

By using Megashor and steel Superslim Soldiers, the

solution proved to be far more convenient than con-

structing a concrete ramp; the speed of erection and

dismantling assisted the overall access and programme

management of the site.

By Any Scale, a Massive Project

Talking about the scale of the construction, Project

Director Adrian Brown from L&T, said:

“The new Abu Dhabi International Midfield

Airport Terminal building is a massive project,

with a number of different construction phases.

The engineering design and support that RMD

Kwikform has supplied was absolutely vital in

helping us to achieve some of the more complex

engineering structures needed within the


PERI Hong Kong is the other formwork company

heavily involved in the project with the delivery of enor-

mous amounts of materials at short notice as well as

competent engineering for the related formwork and

scaffolding planning.

Fast and efficient provision of

system equipment

The ambitious terminal project is the ultimate construc-

tion site with thousand of workers working in shifts

around the clock. At peak times, this increases to almost

17,000 site personnel. This is because more than

1,000m³ of concrete must be formed every day.

In order to comply with the short construction period,

PERI is designing as well as supplying some of the form-

work and scaffolding systems.

At present, around 6,200 slab tables are in continuous

use on the construction sites as only 18 months have

been earmarked for realizing the shell of the Central

Processor. The PERI on-site formwork provision amount

to almost 65,000 m².

Within a very short time, over 60,000 robust stacking

frames of the PD 8 shoring system were delivered to the


Beams and floor slabs in one pour

The massive, mostly 0.85 m wide and 1.10 m high beams

were constructed together with the slabs in one pour.

The 6 m to 10 m high PD 8 slab tables serve as

the supporting structure which can be moved

manually to the next section each time by means

of a transportation trolley without the use of a


Based on the 1.50 m frame width of the PD 8

shoring system, the standard table width for this

particular project is 2.65 m. With the help of ap-

propriately-sized diagonal braces for bay lengths

between 1.25 m and 3.50 m, the table lengths can vary

according to project requirements; in Abu Dhabi, slab

tables mostly with 2.65 m widths and 3.60 m lengths

are in continuous use.

As side formwork for the beams, mainly 75 cm wide,

horizontally-positioned LIWA formwork elements are

being used. One big advantage of the LIWA wall form-

work system is the extremely low weight of the individual

panels. As a result, striking by hand in particular is con-

siderably simplified thus accelerating construction site


In addition to the cost-effective slab formwork con-

cept for the floor areas, PERI engineers developed a

comprehensive formwork solution for walls and


For realizing the total of 4,000 massive, reinforced

concrete columns with 1.00 m to 2.50 m edge lengths

– resulting in a wide range of dimensions – the construc-

tion crew used VARIO GT 24 column formwork and

project-related SRS circular column formwork


Furthermore, the up to 12.50 m high reinforced con-

crete walls were formed with the VARIO GT 24 girder

wall formwork system.

Roof Contractors

Specialist roofing structural engineer and contractor,

Robert Bird Group (RBG) has a significant role in the

construction of Abu Dhabi International Airport’s new

Midfield Terminal Building Central Processor Roof (CPR).

The CPR consists of two main geometrically complex

structural elements – the 18 supporting arches and

backstays trusses providing gravity and lateral resisting

system and the overlying roof grillage.

The 18 inclined arch trusses span up to 180 m and

50 m high supporting the overlying roof grillage.

The arches are arranged in inclined pairs along the

length of the building, however each arch has a different

span and the opposing arches are not directly


The roof grillage comprises of fabricated I-girders up

to 3.5m deep and weighing up to 4 tonnes per metre.

Using their experience, RBG was able to offer cutting

edge approach for this immensely complicated task.

Development of a highly sophisticated Strand7

Facade installation is underway using a variety

of systems including mast climbing work

platforms and glazing panels raised to position

using telescopic handlers/access platforms.

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