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analysis model with over 750,000 elements (including

both permanent structure and temporary works) and

incorporates over 200 construction stages. The analysis

model is used to identify temporary loads for checking

the permanent structure during the various stages of

steel erection and de-propping and design of the tem-

porary works.

Assisting in the development of the erection se-

quence, methodology and de-propping, RBG designed

checks of the permanent steel roof structure to ensure

that it is not overloaded during the construction stages

and to ensure residual or locked in stresses are kept

within acceptable limits.

It also provided design and certification of the tem-

porary roof bracing and temporary tower support struc-

tures; design checks for the concrete structure for tem-

porary tower loads and construction equipment loading

including tower cranes, mobile cranes and man-lifts.

Other works undertaken by RBG included carry out

wind tunnel tests for various stages of cladding installa-

tion to study the effects of wind loads on the steel struc-

ture; develop an erection stress structural analysis model

for the various stages of steel structure, roof cladding

and façade installation stages and assess the impacts of

the roof cladding and facade installation on the perma-

nent steel structure and advise on remedial measures

where the capacity of the permanent steel structure is


Providing Access at Abu Dhabi

Midfield Terminal

Haulotte Aerial Work Platforms have occupied the con-

struction site with its complete range, through their

dealer, M/s United Gulf Equipment (UGER).

From the beginning, the dealer took control over the

expansion phase by acquiring various deals both for

sales and leasing with different contractors working on

the project, as well as providing vital back-up services

for parts and service.

According to one of UGER’s representative:

“It’s all because of our quality service to the

client that kept Haulotte machines - mainly

Haulotte HA32 and HA41 articulating booms

plus HT41 telescopic booms -on this project for

more than 18 months, and, of course, with the

additional support from Haulotte”

“Seventy units of various Haulotte models

are working on site. This project is expected to

complete by end of 2017 and we are confident

in not only keeping the existing Haulotte fleet

on site but also the possibility to additional

units. We have service technicians on site 24/7

along with spare parts equipped thereby giving

the clients confidence in Haulotte & UGER”.

With works now shifting to fitting out, the works are

on schedule for delivery in 2017.


TAV Contractors

China Construction Company


RMD Kwikform


Haulotte, through their dealer - United Gulf

Equipment - in the UAE, has over 70 access

platforms working on the Abu Dhabi Midfield

Terminal complex.

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 3