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for Mosaic


Under construction, with work now advanced

on installing the steel roofing complex, the

Mosaic Stadium will be the new home of the

Saskatchewan Roughriders professional football


The stadium, designed by HKS, is being built

for the City of Regina. It includes a very complex

roof steel geometry with very few 90° angles

and extremely complex connection nodes. The

main contractor, PCL Construction, subcontract-

ed the roof to steel structural engineering spe-

cialists, Walter P Moore

Supply, fabrication and installation of all

structural steel. Walters also took on a de-

sign-assist role to ensure the workability of the

stadium’s complex geometry of structure. The

complex roof requires over 3,200 tons of steel.

The curvilinear shape of the cantilever roof required

unusually high tolerances and intricate joint


These joints (or nodes) are where all forces convene

on a central point. Prior to work commencing, Walters

created models to simulate stress tests, based on the

exacting work of their team of experienced engineers,

who created the calculations that inform the models.

The secondary steel layer that covers the primary

roof structure had to be coordinated with a translucent

fabric covering.

This required working with the fabric contractor in

painstaking detail over six months to ensure that their

fabric design and the steel design came together


Main Contractor On Schedule

The new Mosaic Stadium, due for

substantial completion in August,

2016, has seen steady progress in

the past months—both inside and

out and is 77% complete.

The outside finishes are well un-

der way and nearly complete in

some areas. Inside, crews are work-

ing on mechanical and electrical

systems; walls are framed out, and

painting is in progress.

Installation of the specta-

tor roof material will be-

gan this spring.

There has been tremendous activity on all areas of

the site, with crews ranging from 400 to 500 on-site

during the last six months.

Construction highlights include the following:

• Just under 300,000 m³ of material has been


• 45,000 m³ of cast-in-place concrete has been


• 1,200,000 hours have been worked on-site to date.

• The stadium will measure 56 m from the field of play

to the roof.

The final portion of the field-of-play excavation is

taking place to ready it for the eventual installation of

the drainage system and the field of play.

PCL Construction Management

Walter P Moore

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 3


Contractors World International