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n open pit mining, worldwide, transport routes

get longer as more easily accessible sources are

increasingly exploited, often in extremely remote


Cost effectiveness is, therefore, more and more a

matter of hauling prices per ton, because long routes

between decentralized mines, processing or storage

facilities have to be mastered.

Even lowering the cost per ton material handled by

a fraction of a cent can result in a significant cost saving.

As such, mining companies continually evaluate potential

cost reduction options.

The Australian company, Toll Mining Services, is no

exception which is why they recently put the Nicolas

Tractomas on trial for use in Western Australia by BC

Iron Limited. Initial evaluations indicate that they were

very impressed with the performance.

With 1150 HP and 32 litres cylinder capacity the

newest generation of the proven giant moves four dump-

ers with a total of 350 tons pay-

load on even ground and is

equipped with an additional

PowerBooster Dolly, even oper-

able directly in the open pit.

Markus Pflederer, responsi-

ble Sales Manager for the mining

business at TII Sales,explains:

“The newest generation of

the Nicolas Tractomas,

equipped with a driven dolly,

makes reloading the ore

Toll Mining Services

Evaluates Saving Potential

Using The Nicolas Tractomas

In Iron Ore Hauling

Road Train System

Under Evaluation


Contractors World International Vol 7 No 3


If the new system is adopted

it will result in a significant

reduction in secondary

material handling

Contractors World International