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What’s New at Bauma

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 3


Concrete Pumping/


Without Compromise

Roger Lindley Reports

For rental companies and companies specialising in con-

crete placement, the critical nature of the industry de-

mands high reliability from the equipment used to de-

liver and place the material. Any delays can be expensive

and result in delays to the job site works schedule.

Buying concrete pumps produced on an assembly

line more often than not requires some degree of com-

promise by the customer. However, there is an option.

With the last remaining independently owned concrete

pump manufacturer in Germany, each pump is designed

and built around customers’ specific requirements.

Klein GmbH has, for over 20 years, been producing

trailer and truck mounted concrete pumps along with

mobile concrete mixing plants and other innovative

solutions for the construction industry.

Bauma 2016 gave the 500,000+ visitors the oppor-

tunity to see examples of the products available such as

weight-optimized truck-mounted concrete pumps with

a 37-meter boom

With an unconventional new design of the boom

support, Klein GmbH has succeeded in a significant

weight reduction in truck-mounted concrete pumps. The

result is an overall weight of less than 25 tons in the

37 meter class.

At Bauma, this optimized substructure was illustrated

by the example of KLEIN KBZ 37-4 concrete pump.

Main reason for significant weight reduction is the

modified linkage of the front and rear outriggers.

Characteristic of the new development is a common

pivot point which absorbs the load torque of the

support legs.

Due to the significant weight reduction in steel con-

struction, the axle loads of the machine are also reduced

- in many countries often the decisive requirement for


Naturally, this is done without compromising the

stability of the concrete pump with placing boom under

all operating conditions.

Large boom concrete pump with

small footprint

To minimize space requirements on construction sites

when setting up and supporting its large-boom

truck-mounted concrete pumps, KLEIN GmbH equips

type KBR 52-5 with front double telescopic support.

By doing this, the manufacturer avoids the space

required when swivelling the supporting legs. Instead,

Klein KBR 37-4 Concrete Pump

Concrete Line Diameter

125 mm

Maximum vertical reach

36.60 m

Maximum horizontal reach

32.60 m

Maximum hydraulic working pressure

320 bar

Apprx Operating Weight (truck+pump)

25,740 kg

Klein KBZ 52-5 Concrete Pump

Concrete Line Diameter

125 mm

Maximum vertical reach

51.50 m

Maximum horizontal reach

47.50 m

Maximum hydraulic working pressure

360 bar

Approx Gross Weight (truck & pump unit)

47,840 kg