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What’s New

The five section, full hydraulic boom stretches 47 m

for long reach applications, and the unit’s multi-stage

outriggers are designed for a variety of positions.

Transporting and operating costs are reduced due

to a width of 3 m.

Latest in Genie Access Platforms

Almost without exception, every manufacturer of ac-

cess platforms that Contractors World International

spoke to at Bauma 2016 said that the over-riding de-

mand from customers was for greater reach with high-

er payload. And Terex Genie was no exception.

This is a big demand on engineers who are restrict-

ed in what is possible by the laws of physics. However,

they seem to have achieved the ‘impossible’ with the

new high-capacity performance and all terrain capa-

bilities all in one unit.

The Genie Z-45/25XC boom lift is a variation on the

company’s best selling rough terrain platform - the Genie

Z-45/25J RT.

It has now been re-engineered to provide extra ca-

pacity combining up to 100 percent more lift capacity

and weighing just 440 kg (967 lb) more than the standard

model. New design features include a 1.83 m (6 ft) du-

al-entry platform and reinforced components to support

additional weight in the platform.

It provides an unrestricted load capacity of 300 kg

(660 lb) and a restricted capacity of 454 kg (1000 lb).

Power is via a standard Deutz D2011L03i 3 cylinder

rated at 35.8 kW (48 hp) that can be driven at full height

under maximum load.

World Premiere - Mini Excavators

Terex Compact launched six new mini excavators from

1.4 to 3.7 tonnes with new exterior design, operator

focused workstation and modern excavator controls.

The new line up includes TC14-2, TC16-2, TC19-2,

TC22-2, TC35-2 and TC37-2 mini excavators. Other mod-

els and variations will be introduced over the next

2 years..

Results of performance tests carried out by Terex

show that the new models offer up to 20% more work

performance on average based on faster trench digging


Their conventional design ensures that the machine

remains stable even on rough terrains.

For the precise control of attachment tools such as

hammers or cutters, the second auxiliary circuit is op-

erated with electrically proportional control, a standard

feature offered on TC22-2 and larger models, optional

in the smaller models.

The new models in the 1.5t class offer a cabin with

second door on the right for additional entry/exit –an

advantage for road construction and good for direct

communication and visibility to the right-hand side.

The new XL cab offers the space and comfort of a

3.5 t machine. Excellent visibility from the large glass

surface offers a clear view of the attachment tool and

working environment; the track below on the right is

particularly easy to see.

The combination of intuitive control and safe working

environment makes the machine user-friendly.

Terex Cranes


Terex Compact

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 3