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An electronic fan clutch reduces noise during oper-

ation by precisely controlling RPM depending on the

hydraulic oil and coolant temperature of the working

vehicle. This also helps minimizes fuel consumption.

New Cabin means more comfort for

the operator

Low noise, low vibration and ergonomic design make

the cabin space more comfortable and pleasant. With

a focus on safety and convenience of operators, new

safety features (available as an option) include Hyundai’s

exclusive AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring)

System for 360° – surround virtual operating view –

which displays on the 8-inch cluster-monitor.

The system consists of a system that gives a 360°

virtual operating view and an Intelligent Moving Object

Detection (IMOD) system that senses and warns the

operator when objects move within 16.5 feet (5 m) of

the machine.

The HW Series is fitted with Hi-Mate as a standard,

which is a remote management system, developed by

HHI. Through its satellite powered technology, customers

can now enjoy service and product support.

With one press of the button, users are able to re-

motely evaluate machine performance, access diagnostic

information and verify the machines location. It’s even

possible to program a virtual ‘geo-fence’ to prevent the

machine from leaving a specific area.

Other options available are a Swing Lock System

which is designed to maintain stability when swing move-

ment needs to be limited, improving operating speed

and productivity and Fine Swing Control for customer’s

convenience when users want to control fine swing.

Hyundai HL980 Wheeled Loader

World Debut

The new HL980 is the largest machine in the new

Hyundai HL Wheeled Loader series.

It has an operating weight of 31,000 kg and powering

the new machine is the very latest Stage IV SCANIA DC13

engine without DPF (Diesel Particle Filter), which makes

the HL980 up to 10% more fuel-efficient in truck-loading,

and able to achieve up to 8% more productivity in com-

parison to its 9A series predecessor.

The ROPS/FOG/FOPS cab is silent, safe and comfort-

able and 10% larger. It features a fully adjustable seat

and provides an ergonomic working environment

It is sound-proofed using advanced noise reduction

technology to ensure sound levels as little as 68 dB when

working in noisy environments such as quarries or waste

handling depots.

The new air conditioning system maximises heating

and cooling performance by optimising air flow through

the cabin.

The electro-hydraulic integrated control lever allows

operators to operate attachments with ease which in

turn enables greater productivity and minimises operator


Automatic shutdown of engine prevents unnecessary

fuel consumption and emissions. Operators can select

operating mode and ‘idling’ time depending on work

environments which improves its efficiency even


The 5 Speed transmission with Lock-up Clutch also

aids fuel consumption depending on the working


The HL Series also feature a ‘travel speed limit con-

trol’ where the operator can limit the maximum travel-

ling speed within a range of 20 to 40 km/h to suit diverse

working conditions which improves operational


New Weighing System

The HL Series improves work precision with additional

weight calibration. The automatic/manual cumulative

weighing function greatly improves operating efficiency.

Icons displaying weighing errors and the two-colour

weight value indicator on the monitor enables accurate

weighing to support efficient production


Hyundai Construction Equipment

Operation weight

31,000 kg

Engine model


Engine power

283 kW

Bucket capacity

4.80-5.60 m³

Digging force

24,640 kg

Digging depth

105 mm

Dumping height

3,300 mm

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 3


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