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More Options, Fewer

Parts, Less Labour

New MEVA products presented at Bauma 2016 focused

on improved safety, fewer parts, saving labour and easy


Mammut XT:

New wall formwork system for civil

engineering and architectural construction offers one

and two-sided tieing options

Tieing from one side only can be an advantage in

difficult pours and for long, high walls. Without requiring

additions, conversions or modifications, the new system

allows the integrated XT tie hole to be set to one of the

following tieing methods:

• Tie from one side only using DW 20 tie-rods and


• Tie from one side only using taper ties without


• Tie from both sides using DW 20 (or DW 15) tie rods

and sleeves.


new XT tie hole

is completely integrated in the

panel frame and set to the desired tieing method with

a single movement. There are no protruding or loose

parts. Panels can be stacked normally, again reducing

time and effort in handling and during transport.

The XT tie rod and articulated flange nut form only

one single part. This saves the flange nuts on one side

of the formwork setup completely and reduces the

number of parts required for tieing by 50 %.

Tieing from one side using taper ties without sleeves

is well-proven and common, particularly in North

America. Mammut XT includes this option in addition

to the proven DW 20 (or DW 15) tie rod with plastic


Ma mmu t

XT is based on

the successful

h e a v y - d u t y

Mammut 350

system and its

100 kN/m² load

capacity. The

tie-hole pattern

on the inside of

the panels de-

livers a com-

pletely sym-

m e t r i c a l

imprint in the

concrete – with

every panel.

The 350,

300, 250 and 125 cm

high and 250, 125,

100, 75, 50 and 25 cm

wide panel allow for a

formwork setup in width increments of 25 cm.

Corners for any wall thickness are simple and quick

to achieve in 5 cm steps with only 3 outside corners

(lengths 0, 10 and 15 cm) and 2 inside corners with

lengths of 35 and 40 cm. Fewer parts mean less effort,

easier planning and simpler logistics.

The panels of the new system are equipped with

clamp holders at the standard clamp positions. After

stripping, the clamp is attached to the clamp holder and

secured with just one hammer blow.


Hydrostatic Dozers from Dressta

Dressta launched the new line of hydrostatic compact

crawler dozers – the TD-8S (10,000 kg) and TD-9S

(11,000 kg)

(Illustrated with Trimble GPS system)

. Both

models are equipped with Tier IV Final Cummins engines

compliant with EU emission regulations.

The new ‘S Series’ dozers are equipped with Rexroth

dual path hydrostatic Drive systems that transmit full

power to both tracks in all conditions to ensure smooth

speed changes, pivot turns and counter rotation. This

makes each job safer and more operator friendly, even

when working on confined jobsites. All these features

combine to ensure optimized productivity and ease of


Both models are equipped with 6-way (PAT)

blades designed for ultimate performance in both

heavy-duty and final grade applications. : TD-8S

with a 1.84m³ (LT) or 2.0m³ (LGP) blade capacity,

and the TD-9S with a 2.2m³ (LT) amongst the var-

ious options.

An all new cab on both models is designed to

provide 30% more space, and FOPS and 2-post

ROPS ensure maximum safety.



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