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Doka Formwork Developments

Under the tag line, “Forming even faster”, Doka intro-

duced several new formwork systems at Bauma 2016.

Amidst an array of new equipment, some specifically

for Asia , Doka displayed the new

Framax Xlife plus

framed formwork. This system features a revolutionary

form-tie technology that can be operated from one side

and has no

w e a r i n g


All panels

are equipped

with the ex-

isting char-

acteristics of

F r a m a x

Xl i fe. At

1 . 35


their form-

tie grid is

w i d e r .

Compared to a 1.20-m form-tie grid, this means up to

twelve percent cost-savings on form-tie points and form-

tie hole finishing work.

Form-ties are quickly ready to use when ‘parked’

directly at the form-tie point. This system yields up to

one third in time savings during forming and stripping.

The panels consist of completely hot-dip galvanized

frames and robust Xlife sheets.

Another introduction was

Dokadek 30

- a beam-less,

hand-set formwork system designed as a lightweight

steel construction faced with a wood/plastic-composite


The system combines the advantages of a panel floor

formwork system with those of Dokaflex floor formwork.

Its 3 m² panels make it fast in typical zones, yet, because

it is easily combined with Dokaflex, it is also quick and

flexible in the infill zones.

Doka Formwork

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 3


World’s tallest multipoint

Jack-Up System

Enerpac has been awarded a contract by the leading

engineered heavy lifting, rigging, and transport company,

Burkhalter, to extend the height of Enerpac’s 2000 metric

jack-up system from 20 m to 36 m for future projects.

The near doubling in height will

produce the world’s tallest jack-up

system, allowing Burkhalter to

handle more civil engineering and

industrial multipoint lifts.

Enerpac’s jack-up system is a

custom developed multipoint lift-

ing system. A typical system setup

includes four jack-up towers posi-

tioned under each corner of a load.

The four tower setup has a lifting

capacity of 2,000 metric tons.

The lifting frame of each jack

up tower contains four hydraulic

cylinders in each corner which lift

and stack steel boxes measuring

1 m in height. A load is lifted in

increments as boxes are inserted

via an automated system, lifted,

and stacked; forming ‘lifting


“We had considered using strand jacks for a

bridge demolition project, however, the barge-

mounted Enerpac jack-up system will be a safer

more efficient, synchronised lift of the bridge off

its foundations,”

said David James, project manager at Burkhalter.

“Working with the Enerpac

team, we developed the

concept of a taller jack-up

system that retained the lift

capacity and versatility of

multipoint synchronised lifting

for loads up to 2,000 metric


Increasing the height of the sys-

tem will involve adding an addi-

tional 56 boxes and four strength-

ened corner bracing units to

accommodate the extra 14 boxes

per corner.

The jack up system is con-

trolled by a central computer con-

trol unit. Each tower’s lifting and

lowering operations occur simul-

taneously; the computer control

unit’s synchronous technology

maintains the balance of the load.


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