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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 4

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Worlwide Panorama

Special Bricks for Serpentine Pavilion 2016 - continued

Special Bricks for Serpentine Pavilion 2016Fiberline Composites A/S in Denmark manufactured the GFRP bricks to a new improved mixture to enhance the material’s stiffness, and these were then joined by aluminium connectors and bolts.

The bending, compression and shear forces generated by the arching action of the pavilion are transferred between the bricks by push-pull forces in the connecting bolts along the overlapping edges of the boxes. In the longitudinal direction, horizontal wind loads are transferred through a combination of shell and vierendeel action.

The bricks step such that people may sit or climb on the lowest rows, so this was considered in the loading. AKT II in-house computational research team (p.art) were heavily involved in the design of the structure, creating parametric setting out and structural verification tools.

AKT II Limited
Fiberline Engineering

Engineers keep aerial tram on trackUSA

Engineers keep aerial tram on track

Cars, buses, shuttles, bicycles, a pedestrian bridge, a streetcar, a shipyard, a cycle track, and an aerial tramway - that’s what you will find at the most transportation-diverse intersection in the country located in Portland, Oregon.

SCJ Alliance, a Northwest consulting firm, has been selected to be the Independent Ropeway Engineer for the tram, one of the only aerial commuter trams in the nation. SCJ has national ropeway transportation experience with high-profile projects including the gondola in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and the Roosevelt Island Tramway in New York City. SCJ also specializes in transportation planning and design, civil engineering, environmental and urban planning, landscape architecture and design and public outreach.

SCJ’s responsibilities for Portland’s tram include performing announced and unannounced inspections to ensure the system is being operated and maintained properly. With those checks in place, the city can count on the tram’s reliability as a vital piece of their transportation network.

The tram’s upper terminal serves as a critical transportation connection to the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) where as many as 20,000 people visit every day and connects passengers to two other hospitals, a residential neighbourhood and a network of nature trails.

SCJ Alliance

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