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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 4

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Hinowa Makes Push with New Products - page 3 of 4

New HS701 Minidumper

New HS701 Minidumper

The range of the Hinowa super-compact dumpers has now been extended with a new model. Having made its debut at the Bauma 2016, the HS701 tracked Minidumper with a Honda petrol engine is now finally available on the market.

Building on the success of its predecessors with diesel engines, Hinowa has decided to develop two new petrol versions of the HS701 model.

Ever since its introduction, the HS701, powered by a Kubote diesel engine, has proven itself among other tracked models by its compactness and load-bearing capacity, which have rendered it extremely practical and reliable under all operating conditions.

The new petrol power units have completed the HS701 range, which have traditionally been equipped with diesel engines. There are two versions available:

The new petrol power units have completed the HS701 range,Advanced technology and performance

Just because a machine is small and compact does not mean that it lacks the durability and reliability demanded by customers. The Minidumper HS701 line has always distinguished itself by its performance and safety.

A width of just 758 mm makes it a suitable tracked model for working in confined areas and enclosed spaces of just a few square metres. The highly manoeuvrable unit is capable of quickly and easily moving through narrow passages, including gates, doors and entryways.

It also has a perfect weight distribution. In fact, the three rollers present on each side of the tracked undercarriage enables the HS701 to easily handle various types of terrain and slopes with exceptional stability: the tracks also reduce the pressure exerted upon the terrain, thus reducing the load at the base and preventing damage to the underlying surfaces, even during the most critical operations.

An addition feature with this model is that it is fitted with a hydraulic expansion system that increases the distance between the tracks from 758 mm up to 1058 mm: a solution that improves the unit's stability and traction on all types of terrain, even under the most adverse conditions.

With a load capacity of 700 kg, it can quickly and easily handle any kind of material transport and debris removal operation. The dumper bed on the petrol model is available in both the self-loading and standard versions, while the diesel model can even mount the hi-tip dumper bed, with a load capacity of 550 kg.

Being an entirely hydraulic system with simple and intuitive controls, this tracked model offers exceptional precision and manoeuvrability.

In order to render its use even more practical, the operator can choose the speed based on the type of terrain: slower for uneven surfaces, and faster for level surfaces, including gradients up to 15°.

The models with diesel engines have maximum speeds ranging from 2.2 km/h to 3.3 km/h, while the models equipped with the new Honda petrol engine are capable of reaching 4 km/h. Operating weights are up to 735 kg depending on the configuration. Typical dumper body volume is rated at 0.34 m ³ .

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