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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 4

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Hinowa Makes Push with New Products - page 4 of 4

TX2500 Transporter with a 3-way dump-bodyTX2500 Transporter with a 3-way dump-body

Hinowa, an industry-leading manufacturer of tracked vehicles, has now launched the new TX2500 Transporter model with a 3-way dumper bed.

The previous version, with a swivel dumper bed, has already proven itself by its speed, stability and transport capacity.

Today, the new version with a 3-way dumper bed offers an additional function that allows for tipping to be performed on three sides, with the automatic opening and closing of the sides.

The company is known for its tracked undercarriages, as well as the various lines of powerful and highly-manoeuvrable products from which the TX2500 transporter benefits.

TX2500, performance and comfort for heavy duty work activities

The new transporter is the ideal tracked vehicle for loading and unloading materials in a quick and safe manner. Thanks to its nearly 50 HP engine and operating weight of , the TX2500 model is capable of handling the most difficult and uneven terrain.

The latest model has a maximum capacity of 2,500 kg, six rollers on each side (two fixed and four floating), a comfortable seat capable of rotating 180°, and FOPS structure for the operator's protection.

A large 40 litre diesel tank and a hydraulic oil cooling system guarantee maximum performance and allow for an intensive work pace. The special rubber tracks with mobile rollers allow the tracked transporter to reach a surprisingly high speed for its category: up to 11 km/h.

In addition to these advanced performance levels, this new version also offers the possibility of 3-way dumper bed tipping for even faster unloading operations.

A load capacity of 1.36 m³, two speeds (0-6 km/h and 0-11 km/h), and a weight of 2,700 kg allows this machine to deliver optimal performance under a wide range of operating conditions.

Despite its power, with a length of 3.3 metres, a lowered dumper bed height of 1.4 m, and a width of just 1.7 m the TX2500 is a super-compact tracked vehicle that is exceptionally easy to manoeuvre, even in confined spaces.

The tipping of the dumper bed is controlled by a telescopic cylinder, which is connected by articulated joints that allow for movements on three sides with an angle of 55°.

The new model is even equipped with an intelligent unloading system that automatically opens and closes the sides.

Each side of the dumper bed is closed by two pivots; in order to prevent errors during the operations, when one side is opened, a specially designed safety system ensures that the others remain closed.

Safety is one of the main principles upon which Hinowa was founded, and the design features and high quality components of each model guarantee exceptional reliability.

The driver's position has even been made safe and comfortable thanks to an anatomic seat, a covered structure, safety belts, and a frontal support.

Hinowa SpA

New GEDA SBL 2000 Hoist at Bauma 2016New GEDA SBL 2000 Hoist at Bauma 2016

New concepts for new markets is the banner under which GEDA-Dechentreiter Gmbh & Co. KG presented, at Bauma, a new personnel and material hoist, especially for markets outside Europe - the GEDA SBL 2000.

The new GEDA SBL 2000 is for customers not requiring advanced features and versatility. It has a fixed platform size of 3.20 x 1.45 x 2.10 metres, a standard load capacity of 2,000 kg and 23 people, as well as a hoist speed of 55 m/min and a discharge head of 250 m.

Although a more basic machine, it still retains all the safety, durability and reliability that have been part of the Geda philosophy for many years.

And of course, the GEDA SBL 2000 in no way lags behind other hoist solutions from the extensive GEDA range in terms of quality and safety.

In future, the GEDA SBL 2000 will be available both as a single and a twin cabin.

Geda Hoists

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