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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 4

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What's New In Plant & Equipment

Future for Excavators continued >>>

Within the Wacker Neuson product range, the equivalent model is the 803 dual power conventional tracked excavator.Caterpillar says that there is no difference to performance when running either the diesel engine or via the power pack. Net power is 9.6 kW and bucket force 8.9 kN for the 1,088 kg.

Although manufactured by Wacker Neuson, warranty, support and parts are via the Caterpillar dealer network.

Within the Wacker Neuson product range, the equivalent model is the 803 dual power conventional tracked excavator.

Wacker Neuson

Alternatives to Conventional Excavators

Over the years, much has been written about the need to reduce emissions. This has been mainly focused on improving diesel engine technology to clean emissions. However, there have been advances in parallel technology such as hybrid, batter, or electric powered equipment.

This is most evident in the smaller, compact equipment sector where such equipment is often a viable tool in internal or underground projects where emissions are not allowed or are expensive to minimise through ventilation, etc.

the 9VXE-3 9VXE-3 and the 17VXE electric mini-excavatorsTwo Electrics from IHI

The Japanese equipment manufacturer, IHI Construction Equipment, is one of the leaders in compact excavators. Within their range are two electric powered models - the 9VXE-3 9VXE-3 and the 17VXE electric mini-excavators.

Both model come standard with all the features of the diesel powered models but also allows excavating in confined areas with fume regulations.

Combine a no emission motor with other standard features such as the ability to change front end attachments hydraulic piping to front of the unit and you have total flexibility within the confines of the 30.5 m (100 ft) power cord.

Although this does restrict working area, being mains power the excavators can work continuously.

IHI Electric Excavators

CB Electric Excavator USA Electric Mini Excavators

Over recent years, companies have introduced variations to standard compact excavators to be powered by electricity - either using a power cord (with its restrictions) or by battery (which has a working limit).

The USA company, CB Electric Excavator is carving out a niche for itself with all-electric mini excavators and tracked dumpers. Without fumes or noise, they are a safer and more environmentally friendly solution - especially in sensitive areas.

The CB Electric Excavator is only 28″ (698 mm) wide and has folding ROPS so getting through the tightest of areas becomes no problem.

With over 500 lbs of lifting capacity it can also run a demolition hammer adding versatility and efficiency.

CB Electric Excavator

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