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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 4

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What's New In Plant & Equipment

converting an A30F articulated haulerMorocco

ADTs Converted to Service Vehicles

Phosphate mining is done on a huge scale in Morocco, with some of the world’s largest machines working in harsh, hot and often remote locations. The size of the machine presents a service problem.

It is not feasible to take these large mining machines back to a central service bay, so the service bay has to travel to the equipment. And big machines demand big service equipment.

OCP mining company solved this by converting an A30F articulated hauler . The company has three large open cast mines employing 775 people.

Production is done using the drill-and-blast method. Once blasting has occurred the waste is stripped by draglines and the phosphate is then loaded by electric shovel or wheel loader onto trucks for haulage to the primary crusher for initial processing.

The fleet is comprised of six draglines and two electric shovels, two large wheel loaders, six drill rigs, 22 rigid dump trucks (from 75 to 150 tonne capacity), 24 bulldozers, three graders and three water spray trucks onsite.

The modified A30F hauler will reduce machine downtime.Big solution to servicing big equipment

Given the enormous size of many of these machines, servicing is mainly done in the field. The modified A30F hauler will reduce machine downtime.

The hauler’s chassis and frame is a standard solution from the factory and the service box was supplied by Casablanca company, Remorques Equipement,. Equipment on-board includes a small crane, a compressor, a welding set, equipment for performing oil changes, tanks containing various oils and water, greasing equipment, and a workbench.

OCP provided a technical specification of what they wanted so both haulers were also equipped with a fire suppression system.

Delivered in June 2016, the two haulers are now operating at the Benguérir and the Youssoufia mines.

Volvo Construction Equipment

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