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Contractors World INTERNATIONAL - 2016 Vol 7 No 4

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Roger LindleyEditorial Comment


Some Interesting Technologies Under Development

The biggest show on earth for the construction industry, Bauma, is over for another three years and, as spectacular as it is for new plant and equipment, there are always some novel concept ideas which are recognized with innovation awards.

These give an interesting insight into the future. In the last issue I wrote extensively about the 'Concept' cab - a universal cab that has been jointly developed through cooperation between companies, institutes and universities.

This issue looks at developments in excavators and improving hybrid technology which is less attractive today than it was a few months ago when fuel costs were escalating to very high costs.

However, such technologies will be very much part of the future as the automobile industry is demonstrating, with the rapid advance in electric power and autonomous driving.

Technology in Structural Engineering
Advances in technology are not restricted to plant and equipment. As the feature article - the London Tate Modern extension - shows, contractors had to come up with different solutions to meet the unusual architectural demands.

The London Serpentine Annual Structural artwork also required some special engineering (see Worldwide Panorama).

Green energy is one way to protect the environment. Another is a way to recycle material. The University of Surrey has come up with an interesting idea that uses old tyres in protecting bridge structures from ground movement.

Contractors are also finding that installing advance technology during tunnelling works not only aids safety but also provides live monitoring of any movement within the new tunnel - Crossrail - that is under construction providing rapid rail transport east to west across London. Most high-speed links tend to run north-south .

Special Pointer

If you are looking for some low-hours Caterpillar dozers and ADTs, don't miss the online auction advertised in the magazine (page 7)


Roger Lindley

Roger Lindley


Email: roger.lindley@cwmags.com

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