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United Kingdom

Tate Modern

Gallery's Ultra-



This new development which has just been opened transforms the Tate

Modern - one of London’s most popular tourist attractions with over 5 million

visitors anually.


n iconic new building has been added to the

south of the existing gallery. It creates more

spaces for displaying the collection,

performance and installation art and learning, all allow-

ing visitors to engage more deeply with art, as well as

creating more social spaces for visitors to unwind and

relax in the gallery.

The new building that sits to the

south of Tate Modern was designed


Herzog & de Meuro

, who also

designed the original Tate Modern.

It rises from behind the power sta-

tion as a new iconic addition to the

London skyline.

Herzog & de Meuron’s architec-

tural vision for the brick façade en-

velopes the truncated, twisting

pyramid structure. The corners and

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 4