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Used Tyres To Protect

Bridges fromGround


• Bridge structures suffer from soil movements and warp that can lead to

structure damages and collapses

• Using a material made from discarded tyres can double the resilience of

these structures

• This low cost, innovative method could help ensure safe and sturdy

infrastructure in disaster prone regions

• In UK alone, 50 million tyres are discarded each year. (260 million tyres

worldwide annually)


ew research published in the Journal

Earthquake Engineering and Structural

Dynamics has described a new method of

protecting bridge infrastructure in disaster-prone regions

using used tyres that may otherwise be sent to landfill,

where this is permitted. Many authorities have banned

use of landfill sites for old tyres.

Academics from the Universities of

Surrey and Thessaloniki (Greece) looked at

how bridges, in particular Integral

Abutment Bridges (IABs), react to stress

and how simple measures could be taken

to protect this vital infrastructure from

wear-and-tear, as well as in the event of

extreme dynamic impacts such as


Lead author, Dr Stergios Mitoulis of the

The New River Canal bridge was

damaged from a 7.2 magnitude

earthquake that rocked the border town

of Calexico, CA, USA in 2010.

Photo: FEMA Photo Library

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 4


Pix: MarkBuckawicki